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Innovative Solutions for the Crisis in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is suffering a critical shortage of housing that is causing hardship and pain for individuals, families, communities, and businesses across the State. The shortage of housing has caused prices for home ownership and rentals to become unaffordable for people from all walks of life, including young couples seeking to plant roots in NH, seniors hoping to age in place, and employees planning to take jobs with NH businesses. The shortage has become so severe that our communities are facing dramatic increases in homelessness, housing instability, and overcrowding. 

The Center’s Housing We Need initiative works with partners across the State to facilitate research, education, dialogue, and collaboration:


The Center conducts statewide polls and housing surveys, publishes research on the affordable housing crisis, and holds workshops on housing and zoning topics. Click on the link below for some recent housing-related research:

Statewide Poll 

Union Leader Coverage 

Housing Survey Experiment 

Issue Brief

Building the Cities of the Future 


The Center engages experts and community leaders in order to bring awareness to the affordable housing crisis--its causes, effects, and possible solutions. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming housing-related speaker events, moderated panel discussions, webinars, and seminars. 

Dialogue & Collaboration

We work with community members, land-user boards, builders, building and fire code officials, local employers, housing advocacy groups, lenders, realtors, and policy-makers. Contact us for help in convening a dialogue for your community.

Previous Housing We need Roundtable forums yielded priority recommendations for the State and its community members:

2018 Housing We Need Stakeholder Forum Executive Summary

Priority Recommendations 

2019 Housing We Need Stakeholder Forum Priority Recommendations

2020 Housing We Need Stakeholder Webinar


News & Events

New Hampshire PBS recently interviewed the Center for Ethics' Director, Jason Sorens, on the Housing We Need initiative for their program, "The State We're In." Watch the program below.