"Politics and Business"

April 26, 2022, with Daniel Korschun

Business executives have traditionally avoided political controversy. But in a surprising and dramatic turn of events, many companies are now taking public positions on a number of divisive issues. Dr. Daniel Korschun presents his latest research on corporate activism and a view of what lies ahead.

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"Business in a Time of Disinformation"

March 3, 2022, with Robert McNulty

Because disinformation can influence public perceptions of all other issues, the dramatic growth of disinformation over the last decade has become one of the most important social issues we face. Because business is one of the major shapers of the contemporary information environment, any effort to respond to disinformation will require that business address its relationship with disinformation and truth. In this installment of the "Corporations and the Common Good" series, Dr. Robert McNulty discusses how our permissiveness regarding deceit and disinformation has significant implications for the conduct of business.

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"Honorable Business"

April 27, 2021, with James Otteson

Many businesses today take positions on current ethical and political issues. Why? James Otteson, Ph.D, offers a five-point code of ethics for the honorable businessperson who, by following these rules, contributes to a just and humane society.   

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"When to Speak Out: Three Common Questions to Answer Before Taking a Public Position on Social Issues"

April 7, 2021, with Paul Argenti

The first webinar presentation of our series “Corporations and the Common Good: How Should Businesses Respond to Social Issues?” featured Paul A. Argenti, Professor of Corporate Communication, The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Argenti offers a three-pronged test for determining when to speak out about social issues based his recent Harvard Business Review article, When Should Your Company Speak up about a Social Issue.

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