Father Benedict


+1(603) 641-7053



Ph.D., 1992, University of Paris-Sorbonne: History of Religions and Religious Anthropology
S.T.D., 1992, Institut Catholique de Paris: Moral Theology
M. Litt., 1990, University of Paris-Sorbonne: History of Religions and Religious Anthropology
M.A., 1985, Saint Patrick's Seminary: Moral Theology
B.A., 1976, Saint Anselm College: Frenc

  • Courses
    • TH 100 Biblical Theology
    • TH 272 Medical Ethics
    • TH 271 Sexual Ethics
    • TH 250 Catholic Vision
    • TH 270 Christian Moral Life
  • Research Interests

    As a moral theologian, my research areas include medical ethics, sexual ethics, and general ethics. When writing on ethical questions, I am particularly concerned with anthropological questions. I am also interested in the study of the Fathers of the Church and, in particular, the Syriac Fathers. I have also written extensively in the area of early monasticism, especially the Rule of Saint Benedict.


  • Recent Publications

    Aquina's Summa: Its History, Doctrine and Relevance (trans. Of Jean-Pierre Torrell's Somme théolgique de saint Thomas d'Aquin).Catholic University Press of America, 2005.

    Catholic Ethics in Today's World, Revised Edition.  Winona, MN: Anselm Academic Press, 2011.

    The Bible and the Question of Homosexuality. Washington, D.C. : Catholic Univerity of America Press, 2012 (trans. Himbaza, Innocent, Adrien Schenker and Jean-Baptiste Edart. Clarifications sur l'homosexualité dans la Bible.  Paris: Cerf, 2007).


    Translation of Servais Pinckaer's book, Passions et Vertu.  Catholic University of America Press (will be published in the Spring 2015).


    "Homosexuality and Reparative Therapy" in Ethics & Medics 38:9 (September 2013) 1-3.

    "The Use of Opioids and Sedatives at the End of Life," Nova et Vetera 12:2 (2014) 509-513.

    "Deactivating Pacemakers at the End of Life" in Ethics & Medics (November 2014).