Jeffrey Schnick


+1(603) 641-7143



Ph.D., Physics, 1988, Oregon State University
M.S., Physics, 1986, Oregon State University
B.S., Physics, 1982, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Teaching and Activities

    A Free Physics Textbook
    Calculus-Based Physics ยป

    • Assistant Professor, Saint Anselm College, 1988-present

    Elementary Physics I & II, General Physics I & II, Classical Physics I & II, Astronomy, Geology, Engineering Mechanics I & II, Strength of Materials, Electrical Circuits

    • Teaching Assistant, Oregon State University, 1982-85 
    • Writer of Odyssey Magazine astronomy columns
    • Science-by-Mail volunteer scientist 
  • Research

    My background is in elementary particle physics. My most recent directed research projects carried out by students involved the study of buoyancy and acoustics respectively. I have developed a significant set of course materials for the Classical Physics sequence. See Calculus-Based Physics.


    I'm working on a paper with Prof. Buck of the Mathematics Department on a knot energy integral.  I have done some numerical analysis of the integral and collaborated with Prof. Buck on the physical interpretation of the integral.

    Spreadsheet Laser

    Prof. Guerra and I have developed a spreadsheet model of a laser.  Prof. Guerra has adapted it to characterize an actual laser in the department.

    3-Dimensional Mapping

    I've done some recent work with Prof. George of the Classics Department on the mapping of archeological sites by means of digital photographs.  Former students Paul Augros and Michael Smith have done much of the work.  Michael Smith designed and constructed apparatus and did surveying work.  John Augros wrote a program to analyze sets of digital images and, from them, generate the coordinates of points, in three dimensions, of interest.

  • Publications
    • Calculus-Based Physics, A free physics textbook, Jeffrey W. Schnick, 2006
    • "Projectile Motion Details", Jeffrey W. Schnick, The Physics Teacher 32, 266 (1993).
    • "Microscopic Calculation of Antikaon Atomic and Lambda* Hypernuclear Carbon", P.J. Fink, Jr., J.W. Schnick, R.H. Landau, Phys. Rev. C 42, 232 (1990)