Silvia Shannon


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1988 - Ph.D., Boston University
1975 - B.A., Georgetown University

  • Research Interests

    I have always been interested in the relationship between politics and religion in Early European History. My dissertation was on the political activity of a prominent Catholic noble, François de Guise, during the early stages of the French Wars of Religion. In recent years I have been researching the two French colonies established in Brazil in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. While the French made a serious effort to colonize Brazil, the French were expelled by the Portuguese in 1615. The reasons for the failure of the French colonial effort are of great interest to me. The French located themselves in superb strategic positions before the arrival of the Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro and in Maranhão. The French had the cooperation of the most important Brazilian Indian tribe, the Tupinamba, and they had powerful economic incentives for establishing trading colonies in Brazil. My research links the failures of the French in Brazil not to events in Brazil but the continuing confessional struggles between Catholics and Huguenots in France.

  • Courses Taught
    • HI 107 Cities and Social Change
    • HI 311 Ancient Greece
    • HI 312 Ancient Rome
    • HI 313 Early Middle Ages
    • HI 314 High Middle Ages
    • HI 315 Renaissance Europe
    • HI 316 Reformation Europe
    • HI 324 The Crusades
    • HI 327 Early Modern France