William Ryerson


+1(603) 641-7341


2006 – B.S., University of Maine, Marine Science
2008 – M.S., University of South Florida, Integrative Biology
2014 – Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • Teaching

    Here is a list of classes that I regularly teach here at Saint Anselm College. Materials for all of my classes can be found on my research web site:

    • BI 201 – Exercise Physiology
    • BI 315 – Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
    • BI 331 – Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
  • Research

    My research spans a wide variety of interests, but I primarily work in anatomy, biomechanics, and behavior of vertebrates. I am primarily interested in how an animal’s anatomy comes together to function during various aspects of behavior (feeding, moving, sensing). I work mainly with reptiles and amphibians, but have worked with fish, insects, arachnids, and humans. An up to date record of my research and student work can be found on my research web site.