The Saint Anselm College Choir

The Saint Anselm College Choir has won local renown for the musical and spiritual quality of its music. As the official choral group representing Saint Anselm College, it is appropriate to the Benedictine Tradition that the choir be primarily a liturgical choir.

The Choir is open to Saint Anselm students. Rehearsal and performance schedules are arranged in a way that respects the students' primary responsibility: i.e., attention to academic studies. The Choir, therefore, works with a limited amount of available rehearsal time, and seeks to produce the best music it possibly can within the time restraints necessary to allow Saint Anselm students a varied and balanced program of extracurricular and academic activities.

DecemberSong Program 2018

Additional Information

The Choir's repertoire includes the best of contemporary and traditional Christian music. Students are introduced to some of the great classics of Christian civilization, including Gregorian Chant, Palestrina, Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Tallis and others in addition to some of the finer contemporary works written primarily for the American Catholic Church. Members of the choir are given the opportunity to perform music that is often only available to students who are majoring in music in more specialized institutions.

The choir serves the college community in several ways: It is a liturgical choir which sings at the Sunday Choral Eucharist at 7 p.m. and on other special occasions such as Family Weekend. Many students from the choir are invited to join special ensembles to sing other occasions including the Sunday Morning Mass at 11 a.m. Membership in these ensembles is by audition. The choir offers two concert performances each year, DecemberSong during the Advent Season and a spring concert usually held close to Easter.

The choir goes on tour occasionally to local parishes. Every two years the members of the choir have the opportunity to participate in a European Concert Tour. In past years they have been to Vienna, Prague, Leipzig, Rome, Venice, Florence, Budapest, Salzburg, Zurich, Belgium, Luxembourg, Paris, Nice, Cannes, Avignon, Monaco, Carcasonne, Montserrat and Barcelona, and Ireland. Our next tour will be in March 2018.

Joining the Choir

Registration for the 2016-2017 school year is now open to incoming Freshmen and upperclassmen who have decided to join.

To Register for an Audition

Email Eric Bermani, Campus Minister and Director of Liturgical Music, with the following information:

  • Name, address and cell-phone number
  • Graduation year
  • Your voice part. (If you're not sure, we'll determine your part during the audition)
  • Some information about your prior experience
  • If you play an instrument proficiently (i.e., you can play to a metronome and have good sight-reading ability), please let me know.
  • If possible, a small picture file (of yourself, obviously).

All necessary information will be sent to you by email. After you are registered you will be contacted via your Saint Anselm email to arrange a time for your audition.

  • The Audition

    To be accepted into the choir, you need to pass a small audition. This audition is meant to assess your voice range, tone and pitch ability. It must be passed before you will be able to sing with the choir. In some cases, it may be necessary to arrange for individual coaching before becoming a member of the choir. If you have no prior experience, it is possible for you to become a member of this choir if you agree to regular coaching at the beginning of the year. If accepted into the choir, it will be necessary to purchase the appropriate concert attire. This will be available at the start of the academic year.

  • Time Commitment

    The Choir practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. in the Abbey Church, and meets at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening to prepare for the 7 p.m. Choral Eucharist.

    Students are encouraged to take their responsibility to the music and to the group seriously, and to honor the commitment they have made to these time-slots. Choir members are expected to take responsibility for managing conflicts with other activities according to their commitment to the choir, and are asked to keep the Director informed via e-mail about projected or unexpected absences, course conflicts, and lateness. Occasionally members are dropped from the choir roster due to excessive absences and/or lack of personal accountability.

    Many students who are in the Choir also participate in the performances of the Abbey Players, and practice/performances for both groups are coordinated so that it is possible to participate in both activities, although not advisable for students who struggle to maintain a 2.0 GPA.

  • Rehearsal Location

    All rehearsal information will be sent to you upon your acceptance into the choir. Enter the church using the footbridge across from the large St. Benedict statue. Take the elevator downstairs and follow the signs to the rest rooms. The Director of Liturgical Music's office is in that area and is clearly marked.

  • Dress Code

    Normally Choir members are expected to dress in a way that is appropriate for a lector or Eucharistic Minister. Casual, but nice. Slacks are fine for women but low-cut tops and bare midriffs are not allowed.

    • Men: ties and/or jackets preferred but not required. Collared shirts are required. No shorts and t-shirts.
    • All members: collared shirts or sweaters are required.
  • Rehearsal Dress

    Since the choir practices in the church, attention needs to be paid to dressing respectfully. Polo-type shirts and/or button down shirts required for all. If you're only wearing a T-shirt, have a jacket or sweater to cover it up. Women's Short shorts are not allowed.

  • Concert/Performance Dress

    Choir members are required to purchase a choir gown or tuxedo. At the time of the audition you will be measured. Current prices will be distributed to all members at the beginning of the academic year (cost ranges from $60-$135). Tuxes and gowns are ordered the first week of school and arrive near the end of September -- plenty of time to get them tailored and hemmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is the choir?

    Between 70 and 100 students, depending on how great the response is from your class.

  • What does the choir do?

    The college choir is a liturgical choir and we sing the student Sunday evening Mass each week and on special occasions such as Family Weekend and other college events. In addition we have two special performances in our Concert Series: "DecemberSong" (the first Saturday after Thanksgiving Weekend) and an annual Spring Concert in March or April. In addition, selected members of the choir are given opportunities to sing at other events on campus. In addition to this, during Spring Break of even-numbered year, members of the choir CONCERT TOUR abroad.

  • How much time does the choir require?

    Rehearsals are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m., and Sunday evening at 6 p.m. (a warm-up for the 7 p.m. Mass). In addition there is one special weekend practice in the fall semester. That's all.

  • I'm concerned about the academic pressure and don't know if I should commit to the choir right now.

    You will find, and choir members will back me up on this, that being in the choir will actually help you handle the academic pressure. It provides a stress release, the music refreshes the mind and soul and spirit and helps balance out your brain energies, it keeps you coming to church, it helps develop your spirituality, gives you a sense of belonging and an outlet for very worthwhile community service.

  • How much experience do I need? Are there auditions?

    Any experience at all is desirable although some students have actually begun their singing careers in choir. There is a required audition which is not terribly difficult. You can get more information about the audition at the choir website.

  • I'm interested in joining the theater group. Is it possible to be involved in both activities?

    Yes. The Abbey Players and the Choir arrange their schedules so that there are no rehearsal conflicts. Many students are involved in both programs (provided they can keep their grades up.)

  • As a freshman, am I eligible to go on the Concert Tour Abroad?

    All accepted members of the choir are eligible to go on Tour. The next tour will be during spring break of 2018. The destination will be to Ireland.

  • OK. I'm interested. What do I do next?

    Email Eric Bermani, Director of Liturgical Music at Please send your name, address, e-mail and cell phone number. Please list what voice part you sing and briefly describe your former experience. Once registered, you will get further information via email when you come to campus.