Staff members wanting to make a purchase request should contact Melinda Malik, the Head of Collection Development. She will work with you to get the material you need.

Rush Orders

"Rush" orders are accepted under certain circumstances. If you need an item to be added to the collection on a rush basis, please contact the Head of Collection Development directly to make sure that the item gets ordered and processed appropriately.


Academic departments receive an allocation from the library with which to make purchase requests for book or audiovisual materials. When making a purchase request against departmental allocations, please follow the procedures within your department. Departments submit requests to the library in various methods, so check with your Department Chair to make sure you are following departmental procedure. When it comes time to submitting the order, send the requests to Melinda Malik, the Head of Collection Development, or to your department's subject librarian.

Selecting Materials

See your department's policies for selecting materials to add to the collection. For your assistance, the library subscribes to Choice Reviews Online, a searchable database of over 200,000 reviews of academic materials. Your subject librarian may send you Choice Reviews periodically, however you are also welcome to search the database yourself to identify materials to purchase.

Database, Periodical and Standing Order Purchase Requests

Database, periodical and standing order subscriptions represent a long term financial commitment for the library and the college. Requests for new subscriptions requires careful planning and review, as such, decisions in regards to these requests are made within the context of budgetary and collection analysis. All subscription requests are carefully vetted to ensure a strong curricular connection. To make a subscription request reach out to your department’s liaison. Your subject librarian will then communicate your request to the Head of Collection Development and User Services.

Holds and Notifies

If you want to be made aware of an item's arrival, we can either hold the requested items for you once they arrive or simply notify you when an item you order is added to the collection. "Hold" and "Notify" items follow our regular ordering and processing procedures and are not considered rush items. For items designated as "Hold", we will email you to let you know that the item is available to be picked up at the circulation desk. The item will remain on the hold shelf for seven days. After that time it will be put into the collection for general circulation. For items designated as "Notify", we will email you to let you know that the item has been added to the collection and is available for general circulation.