Each Friday, during the college common hour from 12:30-1:20 p.m., the Humanities Institute hosts an open, informal discussion led by a member of the Saint Anselm faculty, staff or monastic community. This forum invites people from all parts of campus to come together with others who are willing to open their lunch bag and their mind to a question about our humanity. So, come Friday, pack a lunch and join the human conversation in the Main Meeting Room of the Living Learning Commons.

Download the 2019-20 Come Friday Forum Schedule

Fall 2019 Schedule

Date Topic
Friday, September 6 "I think, but does that mean I am?"
Facilitated by Professor Janet Romaine (Economics & Business)
Friday, September 13 "Why do we love or hate country music?"
Facilitated by Professor Andy Moore (History)
Friday, September 20 "Why do we make bad decisions?"
Facilitated by Professor Kathleen Flannery (Psychology)
Friday, September 27 “Are books a thing of the past?"
Facilitated by Mr. Keith Chevalier (College Archivist)
Friday, October 4 “Do we need wilderness?"
Facilitated by Professor Brian Penney (Biology)
Friday, October 18 “Are we becoming less literate?"
Facilitated by Professor Meg Cronin (English)
Friday, October 25 “Why do we like horror movies and books?"
Facilitated by Professor Tauna Sisco (Sociology)
Friday, November 1 “Is the Pope really infallible?"
Facilitated by Br. Francis McCarty, O.S.B.
Friday, November 8 “Can anyone really forgive and forget?"
Facilitated by Professor Aubrey Scheopner Torres (Education)
Friday, November 15 “Is gender equity really possible?”
Facilitated by Professor Ann Holbrook (English)
Friday, November 22 “Does it matter whether God exists?”
Facilitated by Professor Joshua Tepley (Philosophy)
Friday, December 6 "People are living longer and longer. Is that a good thing?”
Facilitated by Professor Elizabeth Rickenbach (Psychology)