Each Friday, during the college common hour from 12:30-1:20 p.m., the Humanities Institute hosts an open, informal discussion led by a member of the Saint Anselm faculty, staff or monastic community. This forum invites people from all parts of campus to come together with others who are willing to open their lunch bag and their mind to a question about our humanity. So, come Friday, pack a lunch and join the human conversation in the Event Space of the Jean Student Center, unless otherwise indicated. A Zoom Link will be provided weekly for those wishing to take part remotely.


Spring 2022 Schedule

Date Topic

Friday, January 21

“Why is it so hard to recognize and acknowledge racism?”

Facilitated by Mr. Wayne Currie, Fr. Jonathan DeFelice
Intercultural Center

Participate by joining us on Zoom    Passcode:  677558

Friday, January 28

“Is there a difference between law and justice?”

Facilitated by Prof. Liana Pennington, Criminal Justice Department

Friday, February 4

“Cancel Culture: Accountability check or weaponized humiliation?”

Facilitated by Prof. Christian Gregory, Education Department

Friday, February 11

“Is humility really worth aspiring to in the 21st century?”

Facilitated by Prof. Erik Cleven, Politics Department

Friday, February 18

“What makes a person a person?”

Facilitated by Prof. Joseph Troisi, Psychology Department

Friday, February 25

“Isn’t evangelization just repackaged proselytizing?”

Facilitated by Br. Francis McCarty, O.S.B.

Friday, March 4

Where does that glass of water come from and why should I care?

Facilitated by Prof. Derk Wierda, Chemistry Department

Friday, March 25

“What Native American writers should I know about?”

Facilitated by Prof. Jennifer Thorn, English Department

Friday, April 1

“Where did the truth go and
how can we find it?”

Facilitated by Mr. Paul Pronovost, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Friday, April 8

“Does good art have to be beautiful?”

Facilitated by Prof. Kate Bentz, Fine Arts Department

Join us in the Main Meeting Room of the LLC.

Friday, April 22

“When and why should we trust a narrator?”

Facilitated by Prof. Carrie MacLeod, Nursing Department

Friday, April 29

“Live free or die?”

Facilitated by Prof. Marc Rugani, Theology Department

Friday, May 6

What is a good childhood?

Facilitated by Professor Emeritus Maria McKenna,
Psychology Department