Each Friday, during the college common hour from 12:30-1:20 p.m., the Humanities Institute hosts an open, informal discussion led by a member of the Saint Anselm faculty, staff or monastic community. This forum invites people from all parts of campus to come together with others who are willing to open their lunch bag and their mind to a question about our humanity. So, come Friday, pack a lunch and join the human conversation in the Main Meeting Room of the Living Learning Commons, unless otherwise indicated. A Zoom Link will be provided weekly for those wishing to take part remotely.


Fall 2021 Schedule

Date Topic

Friday, August 27

“Is education really a preparation for life?”

Facilitated by Prof. Aubrey Scheopner Torres, Education Department, Amelie Crowe, and Katie Menice ‘22

Friday, September 3

“How do the stories we tell and hear change our reality?”

Facilitated by Prof. Destiny Brady, Nursing Department

Friday, September 10

“Can we be happier?”

Facilitated by Prof. Rong Huang, Economics and Business Department

Friday, September 17

“Are people inherently good or evil?”

Facilitated by Prof. Robert Anderson, Philosophy Department and Ms. Hannah Beaudry, Center for Ethics and Society

Friday, September 24

“What do science fiction stories about aliens teach us about humans?”

Facilitated by Prof. Josh Tepley, Philosophy Department, Prof. Meg Cronin, English Department and Carolyn Hill, ‘22

Friday, October 1

“Can we form thoughts without metaphor?”

Facilitated by Prof. Gary Bouchard, English Department

Friday, October 15

“What makes that art?”

Facilitated by Prof. Laura Shea, Fine Arts Department

Friday, October 22

“De gustibus non disputandum est—Really?”

“[In matters of tastes there can be no dispute]—Really?”

Facilitated by Fr. Iain MacLellan, O.S.B.

Friday, October 29

“Do I really have to love my neighbor?”

Facilitated by Dr. Christine Gustafson, Dean of Academic Excellence

Friday, November 5

“Can we gain empathy from reading books?”

Facilitated by Prof. Meg Cronin, English Department

Friday, November 12

“Has Netflix killed reading?”

Facilitated by Prof. Kelley Spoerl, Theology Department

Friday, November 19

“What are the post-humanities?”

Facilitated by Prof. Kelly Demers, Education Department