In a state known for its retail politics, students often use their proximity to national candidates to learn about one of the most important means of accountability in a democracy-campaigning for office. However, modern campaigns are increasingly professionalized and require specific skills and knowledge. This interdisciplinary minor gives students both the theoretical and practical skills to participate in political management. This minor allows students to blend knowledge of the psychology of voters, the structure and methods of political campaigns, and an understanding of the media and candidate presentation, to prepare them for work in the campaigning field. The minor includes both academic and experiential requirements in order to achieve these goals. The goal of the interdisciplinary minor is to prepare students for a career in political campaigning or for graduate programs in political management.

Minor requirements include:



    1. The minor in Campaign Management is available to full-time, degree candidate students who have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
    2. Students must complete five of the courses listed below.  
    3. Politics majors may apply only one course from their major toward the minor in Campaign Management.
    4. Students are eligible to select participation in the Minor in Campaign Management at any time before the fall of their senior year.
    5. Per College regulations, Candidates must have an average G.P.A. of 2.00 in the required courses for successful completion of the minor.
    6. In the Spring of their senior year, students must hand in a portfolio of work including a reflection on the campaign internship and relevant accompanying materials to be decided upon by the director and the student.



        Students are required to take two of the following courses:

        • PO 255 - Campaigns and Elections
        • or
        • PO 346 - The New Hampshire Primary and Presidential Nomination Politics
        • and
        • PO 494 - Campaign Internship
        • Students who take etc


          Students who take both PO 255 - Campaigns and Elections and PO 346 - The New Hampshire Primary and Presidential Nomination Process may count one of these as a required course in the minor, and the other as an elective in the minor.

        Students should choose three of the following courses:


        • MK 231 - Principles of Marketing
        • CM 330 - Political Communication
        • EN 325 - Media Criticism
        • FAS 270 - Visual Communication
        • PO 102 - American Government
        • PY 209 - Political Psychology
        • SO 344 - Political Sociology
        • CS 205 - The Internet: Fundamentals and Issues