The objective of the Department is to provide the student with an understanding of the problem of crime in America, the impact of crime on victims, and the systems which identify, process, and treat the offender. Criminal Justice encompasses the areas of law enforcement, prosecution, the courts, and corrections, including probation and parole. The major in Criminal Justice consists of ten courses.

Major requirements include:

Criminal Justice majors are strongly encouraged to take the Spanish language sequence. For a list of recommended free electives, consult the Criminal Justice Department.

  • CJ 100 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 105 - Theories of Crime
  • CJ 200 - Statistical Techniques for Criminal Justice
  • CJ 202 - Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 430 - Senior Seminar

Select two courses from the following Criminal Justice Systems Courses:

  • CJ 205 - Theory and Practice of Punishment
  • CJ 221 - Deviance and Social Control
  • CJ 224 - Police and Society
  • CJ 231 - Juvenile Justice System
  • CJ 250 - Courts and the Judicial Process

Select one Criminal Justice Law Courses from the following:


  • CJ 209 - Criminal Law
  • or
  • CJ 212 - Criminal Procedure

  • and two additional courses in Criminal Justice.
  • Note

    *The two elective criminal justice courses can be fulfilled by an internship (CJ450, CJ451, CJ453).

Peter Cordella

Peter Cordella

Criminal Justice
“The liberal arts backdrop at Saint Anselm provides a fuller understanding of criminal justice issues.”
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