Studio Art students learn the practical technical skills and creative processes of artistic expression through hands-on experiences in various media, such as painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, graphic design, ceramics, and mixed media. Studio artists practice inventive problem solving and creative thinking, as well as effective visual communication. Studio Art seniors complete a thesis project in a chosen medium, working in consultation with studio art faculty mentors.

Studio Art Emphasis requirements:

    Three Departmental Courses:

    • FAH 101 - Introduction to Art
    • FAS 110 - Drawing I
    • FAH 490 - Senior Seminar

    Three Studio courses chosen from the following:

    • FAS 212 - Illustration
    • FAS 220 - Painting I
    • FAS 230 - Printmaking: Monotype, Relief, Collagraphy
    • FAS 240 - Darkroom Photography
    • FAS 245 - Digital Photography
    • FAS 250 - Three-Dimensional Design
    • FAS 252 - Sculpture
    • FAS 260 - Ceramics I
    • FAS 270 - Visual Communication
    • FAS 272 - Digital Art & Imaging I
    •  or other 200-level Special Topics courses, or recently approved FAS 200 courses that are also approved by the student's advisor.

    Two Advanced Studio Courses chosen from the following:


    • FAS 210 - Drawing II
    • FAS 274 - Graphic Design I
    • FAS 340 - Intermediate Photography
    • FAS 342 - Photo Media: Analog - Digital
    • FAS 372 - Digital Art & Imaging II
    • FAS 375 - Typography and Design
    • FAS 376 - Art and Design for the Web
    • FAS 378 - Motion Art
    • Studio Art Special Topics courses or
    • Independent Study

    One Art History (FAH) Course at the 200 or 300 level

      One Fine Arts Elective:

      Selected from:

      • Art History (FAH), Music (MU), or Theatre (FAH/EN, FAS/EN) course offerings.

        Freshman Year


          • HU 103 - Conversatio I
          • FAH 101 - Introduction to Art
          • Language
          • EN 105 - Freshman English


          • HU 104 - Conversatio II
          • FAS 110 - Drawing I
          • Language
          • Core Course or Fine Arts Elective 


          Subsequent years will be planned in consultation with an advisor in relation to individual student's needs and interests, including internships and study abroad programs.

          A student who wishes to major in Fine Arts after the first semester of the junior year must have permission of the Fine Arts Department Chair, who will also consult with appropriate faculty in the student's selected major area of emphasis.  Transferring late to the major may result in enrollment in additional courses in summer school and/or a later graduation date.

          Students interested in completing an Art Education major should consult with their advisor or with the Education Department .


            Course Sequence Outline

            Students select courses in conjunction with an advisor, choosing core courses, major courses, and electives to fit the individual student's interests and field of emphasis. If necessary, substitutions may be made for required emphasis courses with permission of the advisor and department chairperson.

              Kimberly Ashbury

              Kimberly Ashbury

              Fine Arts

              "It’s fun having students working all different areas because I have experience in all of them: graphic design, painting, sculpture, mixed media."

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