The program attempts to develop a thorough and sympathetic understanding of the vast region south of our border. The Iberian culture and languages in Latin America were modified and changed dramatically by the impact of geography, the indigenous population and civilizations, and by the forced African migration. Thus was created a region of vast diversity whose varied population absorbed the religion, culture, and language of Iberia and gave it an American habitat. North Americans know little about this area. This interdisciplinary minor hopes to correct this deficiency by making knowledge of Latin America and its people available to interested students.

Latin American Studies Minor requirements include:


  1. Formal registration with the program director, ordinarily no later than the first semester of the junior year of studies.
  2. Five courses in Latin American studies in no fewer than three disciplines.
    1. One course in Latin American History and one course in Latin American Literature are required.
    2. No more than two courses in any one discipline will be allowed with no grade under "C" acceptable.

    List of Eligible Courses:

    • HI 375 - Colonial Latin American History
    • HI 376 - Modern Latin American History
    • SP 300 - Spanish IV
    • SP 353 - Advanced Spanish Conversation
    • SP 356 - Introduction to Latin-American Culture and Civilization
    • SP 358 - Survey of Hispanic-American Literature
    • SP 364 - Colonial Through 19th Century Spanish-American Literature
    • SP 365 - Modern Spanish - American Literature
    • SP 366 - Contemporary Spanish-American Literature
    • SP 367 - Hispanic Short Story
    • SP 368 - Problems in Spanish and Spanish-American Culture and Civilization
    • FAH 230 - The Arts of the United States and the Americas
    • PO 326 - Latin American Politics
    • TH 285 - Liberation Theology