Course Sequence - Class of 2018 and Beyond

Freshman Year
Conversatio I Conversatio II
English composition / Core English composition / Core
Chemistry 130 Chemistry 131
Biology 103 Biology 104
Sophomore Year
Language I / Elective Language II / Elective
Core Core
Physics 121 Physics 122
Science Elective I Science Elective II
Junior Year
Language III / Elective Core
Core Core
Science Elective III Science Elective V
Science Elective IV Science Elective VI
Senior Year
Core Core / Elective
Core Core / Eective
Biology 421 Biology 422 / Chemistry 421
Elective Elective

Natural Science is an interdisciplinary major combining mathematics with the physical and biological sciences. It is designed to offer maximum flexibility and scope for an individual's interest within the sciences, while also providing opportunities to investigate other disciplines. Students planning to attend a graduate or professional school should include organic chemistry among their courses of study.

Major requirements include:

Each student, in consultation with an advisor, will select a series of courses to provide preparation for individual goals or interests. Students majoring in Natural Science are required to take:

  • BI 103 - General Biology I
  • BI 104 - General Biology II
  • CH 130 - General Chemistry
  • CH 150 - Structure and Reactivity
  • PS 121-122 - General Physics I - II
  • or PS 131-132  

Additional requirements include:

The student is also required to complete successfully six additional courses from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or Psychology.

Three of the six must come from the Department of Biology, and two of the three must include a laboratory experience.  The remaining three required courses may be drawn from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or Psychology.

Students must also successfully complete a written comprehensive examination. The examination is the Educational Testing Service Major Field Test in Biology and is administered twice annually, once in November and once in February.


    BI 101, BI 102, BI 107, BI 108, BI 149, all Chemistry courses below CH 130, CS 101, MA 110, MA 130, MA 150 and PS 101 - 105 courses do not count as electives for the Natural Science major.

      Research experience:

      Since scientific research is an important aspect of an education in science, Natural Science majors are encouraged to replace one of the six required courses with one of the following:

      1. under the direction of a faculty member, participate in Directed Research (BI 421  - BI 422  or BI 423 );
      2. develop, with direction from the Internship Facilitator, an individual internship program (BI 451, 452, 453, 454 - BI 454 );
      3. participate in the Washington Internship Program (BI 450 ); or
      4. participate in Research and Seminar I and II (CH 420  - CH 421 ).

      With permission of the chair, up to 2 upper-level major elective courses on topics other than those listed in the college catalog may be transferred in from study abroad or from domestic institutions.


        See Biological Sciences Overview for additional information.