The Minor in Political Theory explicitly links the life of political action with the life of philosophic and spiritual contemplation, and highlights the deep connection between the study of politics and Saint Anselm's core courses in philosophy, theology, and the humanities. The Minor introduces students to the history of political thought from Plato to Rousseau; familiarizes them with concepts of justice and power, liberty and equality, and the goods of individuals and the good of the public; and affords opportunities for in-depth study of essential questions of politics and the good life.

  1. The minor in Political Theory is available to full-time, degree candidate students who have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
  2. The minor requires completion of five courses.  No more than two courses from the students' major may be applied toward the minor.
  3. Per College policy, candidates must have an average G.P.A. of 2.00 in the required courses for successful completion of the minor.

Required Courses:

  • PO 208 - Elements of Political Theory: Classical
  • PO 209 - Elements of Political Theory: Modern

Three courses from the following:

  • PO 247 - Politics and the Arts
  • PO 257 - Medieval Political Thought
  • PO 258 - American Political Thought
  • PO 259 - Contemporary Christian Political Thought
  • PO 260 - Political Theories of the Environment
  • PO 320 - International Relations Theory
  • PO 322 - Justice and War in International Relations
  • PO 348 - Political Education: Living and Learning Liberty
  • PO 349 - The Nature of Politics
  • PO 352 - Theory and Practice: Problems of Political Economy
  • PO 353 - Politics of Diversity
  • PO 356 - Our Political Moment: Liberties, Communities, and Democracy in America Today
  • PO 425 - Selected Topics in Political Thought
  • PH 332 - Political Philosophy
  • PJ 301 - Theories of Peace and Justice
  • HU 315 - Shakespeare and Political Power