In a Catholic liberal arts college, the study of theology occupies an essential position in the core curriculum. Generally speaking, theological inquiry seeks an understanding of the mystery of God and of the human condition. Specifically, the task of Christian theology is to express meaningfully the revelation of Jesus, and to examine and explain the faith of the Christian community in its historical and contemporary context. Theology is equally concerned with the practical implications of living a life of faith, particularly in its moral, spiritual, and liturgical dimensions.

Revised graduation requirements for each graduating class can be found in the Guide to the Core Curriculum.

Course Sequence - Class of 2018 and Beyond

Freshman Year
Conversatio I Conversatio II
Language Language
Freshman English (or other Core Requirement) Freshman English (or other Core Requirement)
Old Testament Course New Testament Course

Students majoring in Theology complete 9 courses in Theology.  These include:  Two Biblical courses, two History courses (including TH 280  ), two Systematics courses ( TH 251  and TH 282 : Jesus Christ: God and Man), one Moral/Ethics course, and one Comparative theology course. The remaining course is a Theology elective. At least one of these courses will be a senior seminar, in which students will write a research paper.  The successful completion of a comprehensive examination is also required of theology majors.

Kelly Spoerl

Kelly Spoerl


"People have all sorts of reasons for majoring in theology. It’s just a great major for any kind of intellectual training."

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