Get Connected, Stay Connected

By Janelle Fassi '21 | April 20, 2018

Alumni at Get Connected event

On April 4, former Saint Anselm College students from 1998 to 2017 stopped by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP) for the Get Connected, Stay Connected networking event. Ambassadors Clare Robbins ‘18 and Brandon Pratt ’18 served as moderators for the program. 

The event began with five panels in which the alumni could give their backgrounds and insight to current students. The panels were politics, lobbying and government relations, communications, business, and politics and law. Hearing from alumni provided a fresh perspective of how students can be successful after graduation and how they can get a head start on their prospective careers. 

It was comforting for students to see that each of these successful panelists didn’t always know what they wanted to do at first. Some panelists graduated with completely different majors than their current professions. For example, Karen Ejiofor ’16, now a staff assistant for the Belfer Center at Harvard Kennedy School, was a philosophy major. NHPR Politics and Policy Reporter Lauren Chooljian ‘10 graduated with a BA in history. On the business panel, Joe Burke ’11 graduated with a degree in politics, and currently manages exports and imports for FedEx. 

All 30 panelists agreed that Saint Anselm College helped them prepare for their careers. They said businesses typically like to hire Saint Anselm graduates, and many got jobs through Saint Anselm connections alone. They emphasized that getting in touch with and making the right connections is extremely helpful in securing a job, as some of the panelists even got their current jobs through each other. The panelists insisted that former students and staff will always lend a helping hand when finding job opportunities. 

This event showed that Anselmian connections don’t end after graduation. While working in Chicago, Chooljian got in touch with Kate Spiner ‘10, who was back in New Hampshire working with WMUR and now the New Hampshire State Senate. The two were friends at the college, and even went on the same tour of the NHIOP together. Now that Chooljian is back in New Hampshire, Spiner helps her get in touch with New Hampshire Senators. Choolijian joked, “Kate texted me [one senator] wasn’t going to call me back.”

After the panel sessions, students had the opportunity to network with alumni. NHIOP Executive Assistant Lorie Cochran made students business cards to hand out to these potential employers as they asked them about jobs and internships. Both Pratt and Robbins emphasized that this event gave them their first internships. 

"Get Connected, Stay Connected" was a success for students and staff alike. Not only did it offer networking opportunities, but it also was a chance to connect with former Anselmians and celebrate how far they’ve come. 

No matter where you are in your career and what year you graduated, Saint Anselm College will always come back around.