Pizza and Politics with Steve McDevitt

By Cooper Walsh ‘23 | November 16, 2020

Pizza and Politics

Steve McDevitt, a current staff member here at Saint Anselm’s College came to speak with a group of students today at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. He spoke about his time working in the White House and the federal government.

Steve McDevitt first spoke about the beginning of his life. This included where he grew up and how he went to Catholic University and obtained a bachelor's degree in Philosophy. McDevitt said after he obtained his degree, he began working for a series of different companies. He first started working part time at an economic policy firm for several years until he decided that he wanted to do something else with his life.

McDevitt explained to us that in the early 1990’s, he had a realization that the internet would change things and change people’s everyday life. He said that one of the most important things about obtaining a job is liking the person who you work for. He had a favorite boss named Bill and after he worked at an information technology company for two months.

McDevitt was not a fan of the boss who would replace Bill. Not only did he dislike his new boss but 9/11 had just occurred and Steve decided that he would like to try a new career path. He noticed that there was a job open for the Office of Administration at the White House and he applied for the job. Several weeks later, he received a call asking him to come down to D.C. for an interview. Steve was hired and was put to work in the Office of CIO in the White House.

During his time working at the White House Steve was able to accomplish many things. This includes managing for ten years and setting up one of the first ever live streams of the President’s State of the Union Address for the deployed Military officers. Steve concluded his presentation talking about the many stories — some funny and some sad — that he experienced during his time working at the White House. Steve describes his former job as a “privilege to work for the government” and said that nobody can complain about the government unless they have actually worked in it. Steve emphasized to the students listening to take jobs that they can because you never know where a job can take you in life.