Senator Jeff Flake Speaks at Politics & Eggs

By Bentley Warren '21 | March 21, 2018

Senator Flake signing eggs

On Friday, March 16, United States Senator Jeff Flake spoke at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics for a Politics & Eggs event, in partnership with the New England Council. Flake is a junior Republican senator from Arizona serving on the Senate Judiciary, Energy and Natural Resources, and Foreign Relations Committees.

Before beginning his term as a senator in 2013, Flake served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013. He identifies as a traditional conservative and was given a 94% lifetime rating by the American Conservative Union. In a speech to the Senate last year, Flake announced that he would not run for a second term. Although he does not plan to run against Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination, on Friday he said, “I haven’t ruled it out.”

While speaking to members of The New England Council, a select group of Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassadors, business professionals, and several media outlets at Politics & Eggs, Flake stated he is “the rarest of species: the American Conservative.”

The Senator argued that his party has lost touch to its conservative roots and its basic principles. “The collapse of our principles and the narrowing of our base didn’t happen overnight, and quite obviously won’t be fixed any time soon,” he said. “It’s long past time for us to put country before party. We’ve tried the other way for too long. We’ve done our worst. Now it’s time to do our best.”

Flake looked towards a positive future in government, arguing that Republicans and Democrats will learn to work together, rather than for themselves or against each other. He cited Democratic colleagues with whom he has worked to achieve bipartisan agreements. He reminded the audience that if time progresses in the current political environment, fewer senators and representatives will be exposed to bipartisanship in Congress. The country must work towards compromise.

He stated optimistically, “We will get through this, and when we do our institutions will have been severely tested. Sometimes I tell myself hopefully that the pillars of our democracy have seen worse than us and they have survived.” Flake believes that eventually America will “take the high ground” and move toward a brighter future in American democracy.

The New England Council, a Politics & Eggs partner, is a non-partisan association of New England businesses, health and academic institutions, and private and public organizations. The goal of the Council is to promote economic growth across New England, build relationships between its members and federal policy makers, and to support federal policies which benefit region. The organization works with both Democrats and Republicans but does not endorse either political party.

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