We the People

By Sarah King '18 | September 22, 2017

On Tuesday, September 19, the Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassadors in partnership with the Multicultural Student Coalition hosted a “Pizza and Politics” event, entitled, “We the People,” as part of Constitution Week. The purpose of the event was to serve as a conversation starter about the difficult topics of race, equality, and what we truly mean by “we the people,” in this day and age.

For the event, which had roughly forty attendees, the room was split into two groups, with each group having two facilitators to guide the discussion. Brandon Pratt ’18 served as a facilitator and also helped coordinate the event as the chair of the civic engagement committee for the Student Ambassador program. Pratt expressed excitement in these types of events and conversations happening on campus saying, “This matters, because students such ourselves are the ones who will be entering our communities in just a few years’ time and who will have the ability to bring about change.”

After serving as a facilitator and hearing the conversations take place, Jacqueline Glendye ’18 proved to be grateful, saying this “gives students an opportunity to express their beliefs and feelings but to also hear the opposing side of an argument. It creates a welcoming environment to encourage being vocal of your thoughts,” giving students a chance to practice communicating with one another in a respectful way.

It was truly incredible to witness students of varying backgrounds and viewpoints engage in meaningful and respectful conversations with one another. It was also really interesting to hear the perspective of Dr. Diaz, Saint Anselm’s Chief Diversity Officer. She provided insight and an interest in learning about the Saint Anselm community, which was refreshing.