Governor Larry Hogan Speaks at Politics and Eggs

October 11, 2022

By Alex Costa '24

Returning to the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, had a warm welcome on Thursday, October 6, 2022. where he spoke at the Institute’s Politics & Eggs series co-hosted with The New England Council.

The audience of business and community leaders as well as Saint Anselm College students attended the breakfast. Hogan spoke highly of the state of New Hampshire, declaring “the spirit of civic engagement in New Hampshire represents the best in our democracy.” He went on to address a wide range of topics. The governor shared his vision for the county in what he referred to as “common sense conservatism.” His speech addressed the rising concerns over inflation and the state of the economy, violent crime, energy costs, and what he sees as an optimistic view of the future. Governor Hogan also touted his experience and referred to both his success and popularity as a republican governor in a strong democratic state.

Answering a few audience questions, Hogan shared his thoughts on the student debt crisis in this country. He wants college to be affordable for and strongly supports alternative education experiences, but he disapproved of the Biden plan to partially cancel student loan debt. He shared a program happening in Maryland where they have made proposals for students to receive relief through a tax credit; a solution Hogan wishes to see federally.

Immigration was another crisis Hogan touched upon in detail, criticizing the Biden administration for a lack of boarder control.

“Immigration is a huge issue and problem that has not been addressed by either party. We need to stop open borders and human trafficking. I joined twenty-three other governors to reverse immigration policy.”

At the same time, Gov. Hogan criticized some of his fellow republican governors for their recent actions of sending migrants to liberal states and cities as what he sees is a publicity stunt. The governor would rather both sides get something done on the issue than let it remain in its current state.

As for his potential 2024 presidential run, Hogan did not share any details on what his plans are for the future. His number one priority is finishing his term which ends this January.

“I have never said I am going to be a candidate for President. I am about getting Republicans back to winning elections. I am going to be a voice somehow, but I don’t know how that path is going to go. I promise that after I am done being governor, I will look at that path.”

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