New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® is a statewide program for 5th graders, in partnership with the New Hampshire Institute for Civics Education (NHICE) with support from the New Hampshire State House and Department of Education.

Kid Governor® is an immersive civics experience that teaches 5th graders about state government, voting and elections, and the importance of civic participation through a real-life election that’s timed to coincide with Election Day in November. Schools can participate for free by nominating one student candidate in the election, voting in the election, or both.

Candidates run on platforms that address community issues they care about and work with classmates to create campaign videos. The videos must include 3-point plans for addressing their issues. Registered 5th grade voters watch the videos in class and vote for the candidate whose issue they feel should be addressed, who presents a feasible plan, and who demonstrates leadership skills. The winning student is elected Kid Governor and serves his or her constituents for one year in an active leadership role, advocating for change around their platform and community issue.

New Hampshire’s Kid Governor® has the potential to reach every 5th grader in the state, and encourages young people to form habits of good citizenship.

To learn more about New Hampshire's Kid Governor® and how your class, school or district can participate in this groundbreaking civics program, please email or visit