Chapel Art Center Presents ArtSurround

May 1, 2020

By Laura Lemire '06

The Alva Mars de Megan Chapel Art Center presents an online selection of 20 well-known pieces of art work focused on the Easter story as part of the gallery’s latest venture, ArtSurround. The gallery of images was developed and curated by Father Iain MacLellan, O.S.B., director of the Chapel Art Center.

“Central to our Catholic identity, the Easter event offers great reassurance, comfort, and hope,” writes Father Iain in his introduction. “Each work is imbued with a unique style and symbolism, with its own kind of presence. Yet collectively they all contain the pathos, intimacy, and delicate attentiveness to the body of Christ in the Easter drama.”

The online gallery includes the artwork and a link to see the original online at museums and institutions around the world. Included in this month’s selections are works by well-known artists including Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, and Titian.

"ArtSurround stems from the Chapel Art Center’s longtime Conversations in Art  program, established to encourage our collective regard for beauty, and increase our awareness of great art institutions, their collections, and the scholarship associated with these collections," says Fr. Iain.

"Art has a power all its own; in stillness it embraces and touches our hearts and minds.  I think it’s the power of art to hold so much all at once which makes it so gratifying, especially at this time." 

Art is available in many places digitally right now so Father Iain’s hopes are that ArtSurround will share masterpieces from great institutions in the United States and in other countries. Each month new art will be featured; next month will be Selections from the Chapel Art Center’s Permanent Collection.

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