A Christmas message from Dr. Favazza

December 23, 2020

Dear Saint Anselm Family,

During this Advent season, I have been reflecting on the enigmatic figure of John the Baptist.  The crazy man in the desert who dieted on locusts and wild honey and, at least in my imagination, had a wild-eyed look with an unkempt beard and scraggly hair and features.  But it is John who is the first to recognize Jesus as the Christ, perhaps exactly because he was in the desert and away from any self-absorption or pleasure that might cloud his vision.  Stripped of everything, he recognized what others could not.  While his eyes may have been wild, they were clear.   

Let’s face it: we are in the COVID desert right now, separated from loved ones, favorite activities, and long holiday traditions. Rather than complain, let’s use this moment to clarify our vision and reawaken our deepest longings. Where is the Christ in our lives? I believe that wherever we discover love and grace and compassion, we will find Him there. We may not look like John, but we can see with his eyes during this time in the desert.   

Paddy and I wish you all a Christmas full of moments of reawakening and a New Year measured by compassion and kindness. We are so blessed to be part of this community and cannot wait to continue to walk and work with you in 2021.



Joseph A. Favazza, Ph,D., President