Student Donations Provide 55 Families with Food, Clothing, Furniture

May 16, 2018

By Cory True '09

Thirty-Six Saint Anselm College students concluded the academic year and began their summer break by collecting food, clothing, and furniture from fellow Anselmians. The Food, Clothing & Furniture (FCF) Drive, a 12-year tradition of diverting couches from dumpsters to homes-in-need, while also collecting gently used clothing and excess food from campus residents was led by seniors Katherine Carey, Joey Smith, and Madison Vigneault.

Fifty-five families, and several agencies in greater Manchester and Concord were the recipients of this year’s effort.

“FCF emphasizes that our Anselmian community spreads beyond the Hilltop itself,” said Vigneault. “As a senior, Manchester has become a second home to me, and participating in FCF has given me a way to give back to the community that I have grown to love.”

Food, Clothing & Furniture Drive 2018

Wearing bright yellow t-shirts, student-volunteers spread out across campus as final exams wrapped up, and students packed their belongings. Couches and area rugs were happily retrieved from residence halls and apartments. Donation boxes overflowed with college kitchen staples including pasta and snack-packs.

By Friday morning, the college’s Carr Activities Center was a wall-to-wall display of organized chaos – and kindness. Dozens of couches and futons were lined up next to a collection of lamps and window fans. Stacks of mattress pads towered over a collection of home décor. Several rows of tables had been organized with food and clothing.

A two-day effort to distribute the donations followed. Students maneuvered box trucks through downtown streets, and furniture up narrow stairwells to deserving new homes. Overcoming language barriers and occasional missed phone calls, the final delivery was completed by early Saturday evening, allowing the group to return to campus for an FCF-alumni hosted appreciation dinner.