Saint Anselm Faculty Publish Books

June 21, 2021

By Alexa Bonvie '22

Three faculty members at Saint Anselm College have recently published books which emphasize their skills and areas of expertise: Professors Patrick Meighan, Ph.D., Romeo Melloni, Ph.D., and Sean Parr, Ph.D..


Mamicka: An Essay and Poems book coverMamicka: An Essay and Poems” 

Patrick Meighan, Ph.D., English Department

Patrick Meighan’s “Mamicka: An Essay and Poems” was published in November 2020. Meighan explores his slavic roots through his writing and uses memories to create metaphors that draw in his audience. Meighan touches on an abundance of themes and memories such as genetics, Alzheimer's and his mother’s cooking. This collection of poems portrays personal struggles and hardships of losing someone to Alzheimer's and still carrying the memory of them through life.



Lessons from Leopold book coverLessons from Leopold” 

Romeo Melloni, Ph.D., Fine Arts Department

Through the years, the creation and development of music composition has evolved. Today, music is mostly composed through computer programs. Melloni’s “Lessons from Leopold,” aims to show the importance of preserving the original art of music composition. His manual goes into step-by-step detail explaining the general principles and elements of musical structure. 



Vocal Virtuosity book coverVocal Virtuosity: The Origins of the Coloratura Soprano in Nineteenth-Century Opera” 

Sean Parr, Ph.D.,Fine Arts Department Chair

Professor Sean Parr published his book the “Vocal Virtuosity: The Origins of the Coloratura Soprano in Nineteenth-Century Opera,” in May 2021. It presents the history of the 19th Century coloratura soprano through musicology, performance, and gender as well as dance. Parr uses this book to shine light on the importance of female singers and their contributions to opera during this time period.

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