Winter Session offers Wide Range of Courses and Credits

October 15, 2020

By Brayden Rollins ’21

Interested in picking up some extra credits or learning about something new during this year’s extra-long winter break? The College’s winter session offers exactly that opportunity. With the end of the fall semester steadily approaching, the winter session is a great opportunity for students to get a head start on the spring while also fostering new learning from a wide range of subjects and studies.

Winter offerings consist of four different sessions where you can enroll in 2-credit or 4-credit courses that are offered exclusively online for the length of the session. Whether it’s to get ahead in credits, meet core or major requirements, or to catch up, the winter session offers a wide range of courses across 11 different majors.

“The winter session promises several benefits to students of all majors,” says Andrew Moore Ph.D., professor in the history department and director of the winter session. “The courses being offered cover many of the College’s learning outcomes. Students can get required courses out of the way or take a course that simply is interesting to them.”

Five of the courses offered this session will be returning from the online session during the summer, including courses covering the topics of The Great Depression, ethics and human nature, guns in America, and the science of happiness. Along with these returning courses, there will also be nine courses that are completely new to this form of online learning. These courses cover the subjects of nursing, American government, medieval literature, criminal justice, business and ethics, and even a course focusing on COVID-19.

"One reason I’d consider taking advantage of this winter session is just how long it is – it is much longer than most years,” explains Moore. “Taking a winter session course can help keep study skills sharp and help students stay mentally active during such an extended period of down time.”

Registration for the winter session opened October 14, with a limit of four credits per student. For more information on course offerings, descriptions, and tuition, visit Winter Session webpage.

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  • BU 221 Human Resource Management
  • CJ 250 Courts and Judicial Process
  • CM 302 Debate 101: Advocacy Skills for the Next Generation (2 cr)
  • ED 351 Special Topics: Advanced Elementary Math Teaching (2 cr)
  • EN 190 Special Topics: The Medieval digital Book (2 cr)
  • EN 190 Special Topics: the Great Depression and Literature (2 cr)
  • HI 151 Special Topics: Guns in America
  • HI152 Vietnam War, History and Memory
  • HU303/CH405 A Crash Course in Covid
  • NU 450.1 Nursing Winter Preceptorship
  • PH 105 Human Nature Seminar
  • PH 107 Ethics: Good Intentions or Good Results
  • PH 333 Business Ethics
  • PO 102 American Government
  • SP 300 Spanish IV - Limited to Nursing Students
  • SP 310 Spanish Introduction to Professional Nursing (2 cr)
  • SO 352 Special Topics Social Work: The Art & Science of Happiness

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