Saint Anselm College EMS (SACEMS), founded in 1991, is a group of volunteer students, all of whom are Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMTs). SACEMS members are also licensed through the state of New Hampshire.

  • Services

    SACEMS provides first-response emergency medical care to students, faculty, staff, and visitors while they are on campus. The team works closely with College Health Services and the Office of Safety and Security, assisting these departments in any way possible.

    SACEMS is a New Hampshire licensed non-transport EMS unit. Their quick response, (between 1-4 minutes), allows for team members to offer immediate on-call pre-hospital care to the campus community prior to transport by the Goffstown Fire Department.

    The team averages approximately 90 calls per academic year. SACEMS also covers majors events on campus such as the CNN debates, the Facebook/ABC debates, Family and Alumni Weekends, events by major politicians, and other major events.

  • Membership

    Membership on the Saint Anselm College EMS is open to all students who hold a NREMT-Basic level of certification. Generally, students must reside on-campus (unless special arrangements are made) and maintain their certification through the state of New Hampshire.

  • Rescue Club

    Also a part of the team is the Rescue Club which is open to the whole student body and provides an opportunity for students to become involved, volunteer, and learn about EMS. Training is provided for members such as CPR, alcohol poisoning, vital signs, and spinal immobilization. Members volunteer at the American Red Cross Blood Drive, walk-a-thons, and provide alcohol awareness in the dorms.

    In the spring semester, SACEMS coordinates a local instructor to offer a semester long EMT-B class that is taught on campus to interested Rescue Club members and other interested students. After successfully completing the course, students may apply to the team for the following year.

  • History & Funding

    Rob DiLuzio, then a freshman majoring in natural science, started the team in 1991. He was an experienced NREMT-Paramedic who worked at his parent's rescue service in Keene, N.H.

    SACEMS receives a majority of their funding by selling birthday cakes as a fundraiser and also receives money from the Student Government Association which provides money for club expenses such as outings, trainings, and guest speakers.

    The Dean of Students helps in providing the team with funding to buy needed supplies, to attend conferences, and to buy uniforms. The team has an office in the lower level of Davison Hall to provide a secure place to store equipment and process confidential reports, as required by the state of New Hampshire.