Saint Anselm College's Residential Life and Education caters to all of our undergraduate students. For our first-year students, we offer special housing that encapsulates the Residential First Year Experience program. All current students and transfer students have options for on-campus housing provided by the college.

First-Year Students

  • Residential First Year Experience

    The Residential First Year Experience (RFYE) is a residential life program designed to support and challenge first year students as they make the transition to college life. The RFYE program consists of a thematic, developmental approach with involvement from the campus community and resources to programmatically address the needs of the first year student.

    Generally, the first year for most college students presents the greatest challenge with new experiences in a variety of areas:

    • Increased academic work and expectations
    • Changing relationships (family, peers, faculty/administrators)
    • New routines
    • Decision-making responsibilities
    • Discovering new interests/passions
    • First time living away from home
    • New expectations of self and others

    Participating offices in the RFYE include but not limited to: Health Services, Campus Ministry, Student Activities and Leadership Programs, Judicial Affairs, Career and Employment Services, The Meelia Center (volunteer opportunities), Academic Resource Center and Multicultural Center.

    The Office of Residential Life and Education is committed to facilitating the academic, social and leadership development of all students with a wide range of programs specifically for the unique needs of a first year student. We refer to this as a "Living/Learning" environment with encouragement of academic success through policies, programming, and physical amenities.

  • Current Students

    Residential Life is an important part of the educational experience at Saint Anselm College. Residential Life and Education seeks to serve the needs of the student as a whole, unique person.

    If you have questions about on-campus living, please contact the Office of Residential Life and Education in Alumni Hall.

    Move-in Information for Fall Semester

    We look forward to having you back on campus! Please start making arrangements for your assigned move-in date.

    Each year, the Office of Residential Life (RLE) gives permission for a small number of students to move in early. These students include our preseason athletes and student staff members who work to prepare the halls for opening and welcome new students. All students granted permission to return to campus early are connected to campus offices and initiatives vital to the work of the college in August. Each student arriving early will receive their arrival dates from the office they are connected with.

    In the best interest of the college and all students, it is important for us to consistently honor our early arrival policy and practice. The college sets a move-in date with deliberation; it is not possible for us to accommodate students who are not connected to campus initiatives and practices outlined above, and permission will not be granted to return earlier.

  • Transfer Students

    Welcome to Saint Anselm College!

    We believe your life as an undergraduate student is more than just education in the classroom. In addition to the essential role of academics in your professional and personal pursuits, your experiences in the residence halls will also serve to develop life-long skills and knowledge beyond the traditional classroom setting. It is our goal to provide for you a comfortable, safe environment conducive to academic success as well as opportunities to develop leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.

    On move-in day, some of the first faces that greet you will be members of the Residential Life staff. We have professional staff, Area Coordinators and Resident Directors, as well as student Resident Assistants (RAs) who will help you with your academic, social and personal transition to campus and community living. You will find that the Area Coordinators, Resident Directors, and RAs are your best resources for information about most anything at Saint Anselm ---and they are great people too!

    We encourage you to read carefully all information concerning housing as a new student to the College provided on the Portal.

    If you have any questions about residence life or housing, please do not hesitate to call the office for more information (603) 222-4006. Have a great summer and we'll see you in August for move-in. Look for us in our colorful Residential Life and Education staff t-shirts!

  • What to Bring to College

    The following suggestions of what to bring with you are from people who know (i.e., upperclassmen). This list is a general guide for incoming students and will help you pack for the academic year.

    Each room provides a bed and desk per resident, closet space, curtains, and, in most rooms, a dresser. The rest of the decor is up to you. Room dimensions vary among residence halls; however, a 9 ft. x 12 ft. carpet usually is adequate - Please be sure that if you bring a carpet that it does not have a rubber backing as they are fire hazards.

    Room Essentials
    Alarm Clock
    Bedding (blankets, pillow, 36" x 80" sheets)
    Reading Lamp
    Recycling Bin
    Shower Caddy
    Trash Can/Waste Paper Basket

    Health Aids
    Aspirin or analgesic
    Cold/Cough Medicine 
    Antibiotic Cream 

    Athletic Attire/Equipment
    Cold-weather Gear
    Shower Shoes
    Something "Dressy"

    Laundry Supplies
    Detergent, bleach, fabric-softener sheets
    Iron and Ironing Board
    Laundry Bag/Basket

    Office Supplies and Accessories
    Appointment book/schedule
    Address book
    Book Bag/Backpack
    Calendar, complete with special dates
    Cell phone and charger
    Markers, pens, pencils, sharpener
    Ruler, Stapler, Hole Punch, Paper Clips
    Stationery, postage stamps 
    Tape or Adhesive for Posters

    Disinfectant wipes
    Mini vacuum cleaner
    Mug, Bowl, Dishes, Flatware
    Paper towels
    Sewing Kit/Tool Kit
    Spray cleaner/computer screen cleaner

    Additional Suggestions

    Mountain or Road Bike

    • Saint Anselm offers many on-campus cycling trails. The college also is near several state parks and the Lake Massabesic Watershed; areas that feature cycling trails.

    Computer with Ethernet

    • Saint Anselm offers a complete fiber-optic ring connecting each resident room to campus Internet services. Wireless internet connectivity is also offered on campus.
  • Tips for First-Year Students

    #1 Go to Class!

    Classes aren't just mandatory, you paid for them and now it is time to reap the benefits! Attending classes is the clearest way to acheive academic success.

    #2 Become Involved

    Join a campus sports team or interest group to meet new people. Try something you have never done before and meet new people. Saint Anselm College's student body is friendly and welcoming and living on campus is a great way to broaden your horizons.

    #3 Hang Out

    It's great to go back home and see old friends, but consider hanging out for the first 4-6 weeks of the school year. You will find staying on campus during this time will help you get involved and meet new people, helping you feel more comfortable on campus. Before you know it, any feelings of homesickness will be a distant memory.

    #4 Keep Your Door Open

    Just by keeping your door open when you're in your room will help you to meet people you didn't even know lived in your floor or maybe right next door! Making connections with your neighbors, classmates and peers is key to a great transition into life at the college.

  • Prohibited Items

    The following items are prohibited in all residence halls/areas:

    Halogen lamps
    Hot plate
    Heating / immersion coil
    Electric frying pan
    Toaster oven
    Extension cords
    Electric / space heater
    Electric blanket
    Non UL-approved electrical items
    Air soft guns

    Pets (including fish)
    Candles (both unused and wickless)
    Incendiary devices
    Hazardous chemicals
    Gasoline, propane and/or butane
    Illegal substances and/or drugs
    Air conditioning unit
    Grill (electric, charcoal or gas)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size sheets do I need to bring for my mattress?

    Residence Halls have extra-long twin mattresses. It's suggested you bring extra-long twin sheets to fit a 36" x 80" mattress.

  • Do I need to use my student ID card for my laundry?

    No. Laundry services are free on campus.

  • What is the intervisitation policy?

    Saint Anselm College’s first year residence halls are not co-ed, but provide for intervisitation during specific times each day. All residence halls have a common lounge where guests may be received during non-intervisitation hours. Guests of residence halls of the opposite sex can visit beginning at 5 p.m. These guests must leave by 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 2 a.m. Friday through Saturday.

  • Can I have a pet?

    No pets, including fish, are allowed in the residence halls at any time.

  • How do I receive and send mail on campus?

    All first year students are issued an available mailbox. To obtain a key for the box, a key can be purchased at the mail room for $5.00/nonrefundable, lost keys are $5.00. That will be your mailbox for the entire stay at the College. You will be sent a newsletter that describes available services and hours.

  • Can I bring a refrigerator?

    One fridge is allowed in each room and must be less than 40" high and no larger than 2.7 cubic feet.

  • What is the policy for automobiles?

    First year students may have vehicles on campus, provided they purchase a permit and are restricted to parking in the Kavanaugh Extension Lot or the Baroody Lot at all times.

  • When will I find out more about my housing assignment as an incoming student?

    Incoming students are requested to fill out the Housing Information Form (available on the Portal) and return it to the Office of Residential Life and Education. Your response will assist us in the selection of your future roommate(s). The Office of Residential Life and Education does not encourage or guarantee roommate requests. We have found that roommates have a greater rate of success and a broader experience when they are matched together using information from our Housing Enrollment Form. We try to offer opportunities for residents to make connections with a wide variety of their peers with differing academic interests, athletic teams, hometowns and life experiences. Please fill out the Housing Enrollment Form regarding your own expectations and interests. Be sure to include any additional information that may be helpful for us to know about you.

  • I've heard that some students have multiple roommates their first year. Is this true of Saint Anselm College's residence halls?

    Traditional first year housing includes single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and quad rooms. Therefore, some folks may have up to three roommates. Each room is made to fit the number of people who will live in a space. For instance, four people would not be living in a double size room.

    If you have any questions regarding residential living at Saint Anselm College, do not hesitate to call the Office of Residential Life and Education at (603) 222-4006.