Become an Internship Site

The Saint Anselm College internship program emphasizes professional development while supporting the student's liberal arts curriculum. The program offers students the opportunity to learn about the workplace and how community organizations function.

In turn, community agencies, companies, and organizations are supported by the skills and enthusiasm of bright and industrious students. Currently, the internship program partners with scores of local and national agencies and organizations to provide students with outstanding professional experiences while supporting the objectives and productivity of the agencies with competent personnel.

Although interns are not employees and it is understood they are working in a learning capacity, many agencies have benefited, both fiscally and administratively, from the additional knowledge, creativity, and support provided by students.


Internships Allow Students To

  • Explore career options
  • Build networks
  • Enhance resumes
  • Develop and practice professional behavior skills
  • Learn the etiquette, language, and current technology trends in a given field
  • Discover more about themselves and the world around them

Enhancing Your Office with Interns

  • Assist office personnel with tasks
  • Create marketing tools (brochures, displays)
  • Research projects
  • Provide new ideas to improve administration
  • Identify grants/funding sources
  • Prepare newsletters
  • And much more!


The academic department, in concert with the Dean of the College and the Registrar, is to determine how many courses the internship program replaces. For students interning through the Academic Internship Office receiving Economics and Business credit, 140 to 160 hours are required for a four-credit internship; and 280 to 320 hours are required for an eight-credit internship. Students participating in an internship through the Career Development Center will attend a bi-weekly seminar, which serves as the reflective component of the internship program. Some type of academic requirement, i.e., papers, required readings, seminar work, must be submitted to the department as an integral part of the internship program.

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