The mission of the Office of Information Technology is to ensure that Saint Anselm College, in pursuit of its strategic goals, has access to appropriate levels of computing, training, and technical support services necessary to create and maintain an environment conducive to excellence in teaching and learning, efficiency in administration, and effective student support.

The Office of Information Technology provides services in four core areas; customer service to include Help Desk and individual computer support, network service and telecommunications, information systems, and instructional technology.

Customer Service

Customer Service includes the Saint Anselm Help Desk, which is made up of dedicated OIT staff as well as a talented team of students. The Help Desk team provides support in personal computer application software, basic troubleshooting of network connectivity problems, operating system support, and basic hardware troubleshooting. In addition, the Help Desk team will funnel requests to the appropriate OIT staff in accordance with our Directed Resource Support Model, which is designed to resolve problems with the most appropriate support resource while Customer Service monitors the request. Customer service is also responsible for the Computer Replacement Program for staff and faculty.

Network Service

Network Service is made up of OIT staff and provides all services related to network operation, maintenance and troubleshooting as well as all telecommunications to include digital, analog, and VOIP. The telecommunication staff provides all telephony systems, to include local and long distance calling, voicemail, alarm lines and system operation. Other areas maintained and supported by network service include e-mail, network services, internet services, and server maintenance.

Information Systems

Information Systems provides lifecycle software development, system maintenance, and database management for all campus wide administrative and academic management systems. The campus information system is the main focus of the Information Systems staff.

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology provides support for the training, implementation, creation and use of technology in support of the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning at Saint Anselm College. Instruction Technology also includes media services made up of dedicated OIT staff and a talented team of students. The media staff provides multimedia support, cable television, smart classroom operation, and production sound and video services.

Christopher Allen

Director Information Systems & Support

+1(603) 641-7453

Dolores Delviscovo

Director Network Services

+1(603) 641-7129

Cynthia Dimascio

Instructional Tech Support Specialist

+1(603) 641-7311

Brendan Emery

Administrator Systems & Telecom

+1(603) 641-7001

Scott Field

Director Customer Service

+1(603) 641-7888

Traynor Gauthier

Media Technician

+1(603) 641-7179

David Hjelm

Instructional Media Tech II

+1(603) 656-6294

Eric Hutchins

Computer Specialist & Technician

+1(603) 641-7597

Kenneth Mailloux

Information Systems Programmer

+1(603) 641-7455

Mason Manthous

Computer Specialist / Technician

+1(603) 641-7195

Francis Mccarty

Summer Clerk

+1(603) 641-7000

Steven Mcdevitt

Chief Information Officer

+1(603) 641-7266

Robert Mcduffee

Senior IT Technician

+1(603) 641-7182

Marie Mcmullen

Network Support Specialist

+1(603) 641-7128

Diane Tanguay

Systems Administrator

+1(603) 641-7168

Javier Zapanta

Senior Programmer Analyst

+1(603) 641-7451