The strongest testimony to the power of Saint Anselm are the stories of our students, faculty, and graduates. In their dedication to their work, their families, and the college, they are living examples of Saint Anselm’s mission. 

  • Campus Ministry Builds a Culture of Reflection
    Susan Gabert, Ed.D., ’91. Director of Campus Ministry   Abbot Matthew Leavy, O.S.B., H.D. ’12

    “The years students spend at Saint Anselm are a time of great transition and of great questioning. At Campus Ministry, it’s our privilege to walk alongside students on this spiritual journey,” says Director of Campus Ministry Susan Gabert, Ed.D., ’91.

    “Pope Francis tells us that the New Evangelization begins with personal relationships,” adds Abbot Matthew Leavy, O.S.B., H.D. ’12. “This is precisely what we do: We cultivate relationships. We keep the lines of communication open so that when students are ready to ask those big questions, we’re there. We meet students where they’re at, and we stay with them. And the monastery ensures those connections last a lifetime—through weddings, baptisms, and funerals.”

    “The world ‘does’ so much,” Gabert concludes. “Through Campus Ministry, we’re able to just ‘be’ with students. They learn the value of reflection.”

  • NHIOP Brings Students Up Close and Personal with Politics
    Brandon Pratt ’18, Clare Robbins ’18, and Neil Levesque, Executive Director of New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Chief of Staff, Saint Anselm College

    “The New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP) is the epicenter for politics in New England. I met every candidate running for president in 2015–2016 when they came to New Hampshire. How many people can say that?” asks Brandon Pratt ’18.

    “The NHIOP actually sold me on coming to Saint Anselm in the first place. I’m interested in eventually pursuing a career in politics; Saint Anselm has given me a head start,” continues Pratt. “I’m involved in student government and work as a student ambassador at the NHIOP. It’s like having a front-row seat in the political process.”

    “Saint Anselm is a liberal arts college, which means we do politics differently,” explains Neil Levesque, Executive Director of New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Chief of Staff, Saint Anselm College. “Here, politics and civic engagement are about dialogue—a willingness to listen and talk with those who have different points of view.”

  • Humanities Institute Strengthens the Liberal Arts
    Professor Gary Bouchard, Ph.D. Executive Director of the Gregory J. Grappone ’04 Humanities Institute

    “For over three decades here at Saint Anselm, I’ve had the privilege of teaching alongside faculty who reach beyond their own expertise to seek understanding in the varieties of learning that surround us here on campus,” notes Professor Gary Bouchard, Ph.D., executive director of the Gregory J. Grappone ’04 Humanities Institute. “This shared pursuit of wisdom is, to me, the real value of a liberal arts education for our students and our world. I think the new Humanities Institute will be able to strengthen the college’s mission by engaging faculty, students, and the wider community in innovative explorations of what it means to be human.”

  • Empowering Students through Scholarships and Research Fellowships
    Andrew Bompastore ’18

    “I was able to attend Saint Anselm only because I received a lot of scholarship support. That motivates me to give back today,” says Trustee Marie Chabot-Fletcher, Ph.D., ’81.

    “I’ve established both a scholarship in nursing and a research fellowship for students majoring in the sciences. As someone who earned a doctorate in anatomy, I understand how key research experience is for students,” continues Chabot-Fletcher. “They need to spend concentrated time at a lab bench to find out whether they enjoy research and whether it’s something they want to pursue.”

    “The fellowship will give them a leg up when they’re applying to graduate schools. The nursing scholarship, with preference given to a student who wants to pursue oncology, is also personally meaningful. I am a breast cancer survivor who was cared for by some wonderful nurses.”

    Andrew Bompastore ’18, the first Chabot-Fletcher Summer Research Fellow, is studying yeast strains exhibiting abnormal DNA content. “These are useful in investigating human cancer survival,” he says. “I like that my research could potentially benefit so many people.”

  • Saint Anselm Fund Gives Today’s Students Opportunities
    Brian Stankiewicz ’17 and Kevin Fitzgerald ’00

    “Why is Saint Anselm College worthy of support? Because students like me wouldn’t have the same opportunities—Campus Ministry, the Meelia Center, athletics, NHIOP—without support from alumni, parents, and friends,” shared Brian Stankiewicz ’17 while a student at Saint Anselm College.

    “I’ve run cross-country all four years, and I know that we wouldn’t be able to have that extra runner on the team, to get that extra uniform, or to go to Notre Dame to compete if people didn’t give back. I plan on supporting Saint Anselm today, because I want tomorrow’s students to have the same experiences I just benefited from.”

    “That’s why I’ve made it a point to make a gift to the Saint Anselm Fund every year since I graduated,” explains Kevin Fitzgerald ’00. “I know that the support I got as a student came from alumni before me. I want to pass that on.”

  • Campus Construction Shows Positive Momentum
     Sybille Legitime ’18

    “I remember driving on campus for the first time and feeling like there was this energy radiating from each building,” says Sybille Legitime ’18. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is where I get to live for the next four years.’”

    “I can’t wait to see the new student center when it’s finished,” continues Legitime. “The plans look great: there will be an extra dining facility, office space for student clubs, and a lounge where students can relax and hang out. I’m especially looking forward to the new Multicultural Center; that’s where I spend a lot of my time.”

    “The construction and renovation projects that are part of the campaign are terrific—and much needed,” says Trustee Richard Meelia ’71, H.D. ’14. “They demonstrate Saint Anselm College’s commitment to renewing itself and its facilities and show great positive momentum.”