College is four years. Saint Anselm College is forever.

The Saint Anselm Fund represents your chance to make an impact now—and far beyond the four years of college. When you give the gift of a Saint Anselm education, your impact lasts a lifetime.

You may choose to designate your gift to make a difference in one of the following areas:

Anselmian Scholarships

Your gift directly funds the education of Anselmians. Support for this critical priority enhances our scholarship packages and helps ensure that students who are qualified to attend Saint Anselm are able to do so regardless of their financial means.

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Anselmian Support

Your gift impacts areas of the college's highest priority.  We apply donations where they will have the greatest impact.
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Anselmian Academics

Your gift allows us to attract highly qualified faculty, provide the latest technology and equipment, host conferences, bring in outstanding speakers, and take every opportunity to improve the educational experience.
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Anselmian Life

Your gift helps create and enrich the programs that make Saint Anselm so rewarding for our students. Your generosity immediately impacts student-focused programs such as the Meelia Center for Community Engagement, Campus Ministry, Career Services, and Student Activities.
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Anselmian Athletics

Athletic programs require excellent facilities, up-to-date equipment, talented coaches, and resources for travel and recruitment. Your gift helps ensure that every Hawk team is fully equipped, well-prepared, and competitive.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Saint Anselm Fund?

    The Saint Anselm Fund is the college's annual fund, which provides a foundation of essential yearly support for every aspect of the Anselmian experience that makes a difference in our students' lives.

    Gifts made to the fund are generally unrestricted and are used by the college where they are needed most in supporting the college's programs and operations.

    Academic programs, need-based scholarships, campus technology, and library resources are a few of the many areas that benefit from your gift.

  • What does my gift to The Saint Anselm Fund do?

    Your gift bridges the gap between what the college receives in tuition and what it costs to educate each student. As a donor, you support vital programs on campus, provide scholarships, and participate in new initiatives as opportunities arise.

    The fund provides the college with flexibility to absorb unexpected increases in costs and to make much needed improvements throughout the campus without increasing the tuition rates.

  • Why should I contribute?

    The hard-working, motivated students who seek an Anselmian education often take out loans to help them pursue their dreams. The average Saint Anselm student graduates with a substantial amount of student loan debt.

    Your generosity helps reduce this tremendous burden by keeping increases to a minimum, by providing much-needed scholarship aid and by supporting the budgets for many valuable programs on campus.

    We invite you to take part in this important tradition, by helping the current generation of students benefit from a Saint Anselm education.

  • How important is my participation?

    Your support is vital to our students, faculty, and staff—and to the financial health and reputation of the college.

    The percentage of alumni who are donors to the college is referred to as the alumni participation rate. This statistic is an important measure used by foundations and other grant-giving institutions in dispensing grant funding. Participation rates are also used by college ranking publications like U.S. News & World Report in compiling their "top college" lists. In both cases, the figure is used to measure how pleased alumni are with their college experience.

    When calculating participation rates, what matters is how many alumni give gifts (of any size) to their alma mater. Each year, top-ranked schools have participation rates between 50 and 60 percent. Your continued and increased participation helps raise Saint Anselm's current rate, while enhancing the college's reputation and position among leading national liberal arts institutions.

  • What are matching gifts?

    Does your employer offers a matching gift program? If so, when you make a charitable donation to a cause such as Saint Anselm College, your employer will make an additional gift to the same cause. The matching gift may be a percentage of your donation, or some companies offer a full dollar-for-dollar match, or even a two-to-one match. Matching gifts multiply the impact of your generosity and help your contribution go further.

    You can ask your HR department if your or your spouse's employer offers a matching gift program, or use our matching gift search tool. Securing a matching gift is typically as easy as filling out a form, which is usually available through your company's HR office.

  • How will I be contacted?

    You may hear from us about The Saint Anselm Fund through direct mail, by email, and through our Phonathon.

    Phonathon is one of the best ways for donors and alumni to make a pledge and to speak with current Saint Anselm students about the impact their gifts are making right now.