2018 Recipients

  • Deacon Robert A. DeLuca, M.A., ’74

    Deacon Robert A. DeLuca, M.A., ’74Deacon Robert DeLuca
    Catholic Leadership Award

    Catechism is a word that rarely inspires excitement. But if you are Robert DeLuca, you know that catechesis derives from a Greek word meaning echo, and that the calling of the Catholic teacher is to echo the words and life of Christ. As a teacher, an ordained deacon, a writer, an administrator, and a pastoral presence, Deacon Bob has spent his life doing just that. Upon leaving Saint Anselm with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theology in 1974, Bob began work in catechetical ministry and has never stopped, serving in high schools, parishes, and colleges in New Hampshire, New York, and Florida for more than four decades. In 1986 Bob earned a Master  of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministry from the Jesuit Institute of Pastoral Ministry and Religious Education at Boston College and has pursued additional post-graduate work at Providence College and the University of Notre Dame. In 2006 he was ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons by the Most Reverend Victor Galeone, and at an age when many people are enjoying retirement, Bob continues to actively live out his vocation by guiding young people in their faith as the Director of Campus Ministry and Religious Education at Bishop Kenny High School in St. Augustine, Florida. He also serves as a member of the pastoral staff of St. Luke Catholic Church, as the Chairperson of Clergy Continuing Education, as a faculty member of the of the diocesan Ministry Formation, and as an adjunct Instructor of Theology at Saint Leo’s University. A member and leader of the National Conference of Catechetical Leaders, Bob continues as well to apply his expertise in consulting for Catholic publishers. In his determination to echo the words and life of Christ, Bob has cultivated a particular interest in the intersection of the fields of Psychology and Theology. He is zealous in his desire to welcome home alienated Catholics and promote the professional growth and development of lay women and men in the Church’s ministry. The Saint Anselm Alumni Association is honored to join with others in recognizing this remarkable life of ministry to the Church and her people by awarding Deacon Robert DeLuca the 2018 Catholic Leadership Award.

  • Kevin R. Fitzgerald '00

    Kevin R. Fitzgerald ’00Kevin Fitzgerald
    John A. Houghton ’49 Alumni Council Award

    More than most people, Kevin Fitzgerald appreciates the reciprocal relationship between Saint Anselm College and every graduate who has walked across its quad to receive a diploma. “The college needs its alumni,” he says, “and the alumni need the college. Neither one has enough resources to go it alone.” Kevin learned about that mutually beneficial relationship as a student. A Criminal Justice major in the Class of 2000, he was able to form good relationships with many Saint Anselm alums, including members of the Board of Trustees. One of those Trustees was key in helping Kevin get his first job. On the first day of senior week he received word that he had been hired by Merrill Lynch. Professionally, Kevin has never looked back, moving forward with Merrill Lynch to become Senior Sales and Relationship Manager with Blackrock Inc., a Merrill Lynch merged corporation. With over 15 years of Investment Management experience, Kevin serves as part of the U.S. Corporate team, leading distribution of liquidity and Short  Fixed Income products and solutions to corporate and institutional clients on the East Coast. Where Saint Anselm is concerned, however, Kevin has never stopped looking back. His gratitude for and appreciation of the Catholic Liberal Arts education he received at Saint Anselm has prompted him to remain engaged with his alma mater since the day of his graduation, and he has become one of Saint Anselm’s most steadfast and dedicated ambassadors, serving on the Alumni Council for the past fourteen years and as the Councils’ president for nearly four years. As a member and a leader of the Alumni Council, Kevin has been and remains instrumental in its growth and success. This October Kevin will be appointed to the College’s Board of Trustees, in which position he will continue to advocate for the integral relationship between the lives of Saint Anselm students and the thousands of graduates who have gone on before them. No doubt he will also be that trustee that a future Anselmian speaks of as having reached out a hand and provided a first hand up. In honor of Kevin’s unflagging devotion to his alma mater, in appreciation for his leadership that has helped to make Saint Anselm an ever greater college, the Alumni Association is pleased to recognize his service with the John A. Houghton ‘49 Alumni Council Award.


  • George Fong

    George FongGeorge Fong
    Walter J. Gallo ’58 Award

    Seated among us tonight is a man who is usually standing in the back of this dining room preparing to serve anyone who comes his way. And he is always ready to do so with a distinctive smile and good cheer that makes you feel welcome and even special. When considering all the things that make Saint Anselm College a special place, we might easily miss some of the more obvious things that many of us experience on a daily basis, and which make guests at Saint Anselm feel especially welcome. George Fong is one of those things. One of those people! Even if people don’t know his last name, nearly everyone on campus knows George, the guy with the St. A’s hat whose cheerful disposition disguises the difficult work he does; the guy whose smile remains ready no matter the circumstances. Whether he is driving the catering around campus, delivering trays of food to athletes, cleaning up after a student event, topping off a fresh cocktail or opening up a cold beer for patrons at any number of special events, or just looking about to see what he can do to help make someone’s day a little easier, George embodies what it means to be Anselmian. Because he has been dedicated for more than a decade to providing the best possible catering experience for Saint Anselm students, faculty, staff,  alumni, and guests; because he manages to remain positive and upbeat no matter the demands of his job, and because we all wish we had a smile as warm and ready as his, the Alumni Association is honored to present George Fong with the 2018 Walter J. Gallo Award.

  • Kerry E. (Sheehan) Gallagher '02

    Kerry E. (Sheehan) Gallagher ’02Kerry (Sheehan) Gallagher
    Academic Achievement Award

    At a time when many parents and teachers wring their hands in worry over young people’s shrinking attention spans and technology’s innocuous and comprehensive power in people’s lives, Kerry Gallagher has made it her ambition as a teacher and  an educational leader to harness technology to enhance and enrich students’ learning experiences in ways that others have yet to imagine. While her peers fret over “What is to be done?” Kerry encourages them to ask instead “What if?” And while others cautiously ponder “How can we use technology?” Kerry proposes a bold reimagining of learning by asking “What does technology make possible?” A 2002 Politics and Secondary Education major, Kerry graduated Magna Cum Laude while leading the Saint Anselm ski team as its captain and serving in several honors societies. Upon graduation she began teaching social studies and then complemented that demanding work with full-time law studies, earning her J.D. from Massachusetts School of Law in 2008. She began serving as a Digital Learning Specialist, and today is the Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at St. John's Prep School, as well as the Director of K-12 Education at ConnectSafely.org and an EdSurge columnist. Today Kerry is a sought after expert and engaging presenter on the topic of technology integration and has published a guide to media literacy and discerning fake news. Her willingness to responsibly and imaginatively embrace technology in educational settings and her passion for teaching have made her an effective leader who empowers teachers and learners with open education resources and who educates school communities about the potential benefits and hazards of the internet. Because she is a pioneer in an ever- changing educational landscape, a master teacher whose classroom has expanded to include entire communities of educators and parents, and because she can probably still cut an impressive groove down a ski slalom run, the Alumni Association is proud to award Kerry Gallagher with the 2018 Academic Achievement Award.

  • Thomas J McGrath '68

    Thomas J. McGrath ’68Thomas McGrath
    Humanitarian Award

    When TJ McGrath, a 1995 graduate of West Point, was killed in an accident at the Army Ranger training school in Fort Hood Texas in November 1996, his mother and father and brother were devastated. It would take some time and some healing before they could discover a way to adequately honor the fallen hero in their family. Eventually Tom McGrath, ’68 determined the best way to honor his son’s sacrifice was to continue his legacy of unselfish service by establishing the 2nd Lt. TJ McGrath Charitable Foundation to assist families and organizations in need in and around their home town of Reading, Massachusetts. The  foundation focuses in a special way on military families in the area. Whether it is providing the funding to make sure flowers and flags are provided on all veterans’ graves, or offering assistance to a military family in need, the McGrath Foundation offers caring, kindness, and faithful support as a fitting memorial to TJ and his sacrifice for his country. The work of the foundation has also had one additional benefit that Tom McGrath could not have predicted. His loyalty and affection for his son has been matched by the loyalty and affection of his classmates for Tom and his family. The annual golf tournament that is the main source of revenue for the Foundation has become an annual late summer mini-reunion for the class of 1968. The fact that sixteen members of that class have come together to nominate Tom for this award in the year of their 50th reunion is a show of solidarity that cannot be ignored. For his enduring support and faithfulness to his alma mater, for his courage to help convert the heartfelt loss of his family into a way to serve and support others, and for his fostering of goodwill and fellowship among his classmates, the Alumni Association is pleased to honor Tom McGrath with the 2018 Humanitarian Award.

  • George T. Neary, II '70

    George T. Neary, II ’70George Neary II
    Alumni Award of Merit

    In one of the many pictures of George Neary that live on the internet he is beaming his familiar smile and wearing a tee-shirt that proclaims: “I’m Famous in Miami.” It’s true! But first he was famous at Saint Anselm. For it was here on this campus over five decades ago that George began cultivating the gifts of a dynamic, imaginative, caring, consensus-building leader that he has placed  in the service of others for his entire life: as a teacher in Joplin, Missouri, as a Peace Corps volunteer in the West Indies, as a Peace Corps administrator in shaping media campaigns, and as a promoter of international exchange programs through Operation Crossroads Africa and American Friends Service. For the past quarter century this 1970 history major has been an integral part of the historical preservation, tourism, and community-building successes of the city of Miami. His service as Executive Director of the Miami Beach Design Preservation League helped establish Miami Beach's reputation as the epicenter of Art Deco culture and as an art-centered community. As Associate Vice President of Cultural Tourism in Miami-Dade County since 1998, George has become known affectionately as Miami’s Culture Czar and become nationally recognized as a leader in the field of historic preservation. He has served as a trustee, board member, and leader for innumerable cultural and historical organizations and as an advisor for The National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington, D.C. His efforts have been recognized with numerous accolades and awards. True to his Anselmian roots, George also continues to teach, sharing his extensive knowledge of arts, culture and historic preservation as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College. For his entire life in public service George has been a strong defender of human rights. He serves on the Miami Beach Gay Pride Committee, is a consultant for the Miami- Beach Mayor’s LGBT Business Enhancement Committee, holds membership in the Black Archives and is a founding board member of the Greater Miami Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Because George has lived a life in service of the past, the present, and the future, and because he has literally transformed the city in which he lives and to which millions of people come to visit each year, and because through it all he has remained a loyal supporter of his alma mater, the Saint Anselm Alumni Association is honored to add to George’s fame by awarding him the 2018 Alumni of Merit Award.

  • John L. O'Connell '96

    John L. O’Connell ’96John O'Connell
    Justice Award

    This weekend marks the second time in 2018 that John O’Connell has returned to the Saint Anselm campus to be honored by his alma mater, and both trips invoke the famous declaration from the poet Walt Whitman, “O Captain! My Captain!” In January, John returned as a two-time captain of the men’s basketball team who posted 1,329 career points and 783 rebounds in his four-year career, making him the fifth all-time scorer and seventh leading rebounder in program history. The Hawks combined for a 92-29 record during the career that lifted John into the Saint Anselm Athletics Hall of Fame this past January. Tonight John returns once again to be honored as a captain, this time as one of the youngest and most respected captains on the New York City Police Force. His brief professional basketball career with the likes of the London Lions notwithstanding, John’s destiny to become a police officer was in his very blue New York blood. It was after all, his grandfather’s, his father’s, his mother’s and his brother’s calling. And of course he is married to a detective. Promoted to the rank of Captain in 2016, John was just recently promoted and is currently the Commanding Officer of the 9th
    Precinct. He was appointed to this position in July. The 9th is a historic New York City Precinct which encompasses Manhattan’s East Village, Tompkins Square Park and numerous other high profile locations which cater to the commands 350,000 residents. Previous to this assignment, Captain O’Connell served as the Executive Officer of the 34th Precinct, where he supervised 230 officers policing the Washington Heights neighborhood. Back when John was playing basketball at Saint Anselm this neighborhood was known as the murder capital of New York City, with over 200 murders annually within two square miles. John has played an integral role in the NYPD's Neighborhood Policing strategy and supervised the first command to use body worn cameras. His outstanding leadership has led to a nearly 11% decline in crime this year and the number of homicides in Washington Heights this year is currently at zero. His rapid rise through the ranks since joining the NYPD in 2005, his courageous service to his quiet and unassuming hometown of New York City, and the admiration he has garnered from the men and women he leads, all make the Saint Anselm Alumni Association proud to bestow the 2018 Justice Award upon one of New York’s and Saint Anselm’s finest, Captain John O’Connell.

  • Jack '57 and Eileen O'Connor

    Jack ’57 and Eileen O’Connor Jack and Eileen O'Connor
    Parents Award

    When Jack O’Connor graduated from St. Bernard’s High School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in the mid-1950’s and made his way across the New Hampshire border to enroll at Saint Anselm College, he could not imagine how the education, friendships, and faith community on that campus would transform his entire life and the lives of future generations of O’Connors. Upon graduation from Saint Anselm in 1957, Jack met a woman with a name and ancestry as thoroughly Irish as his own, and when Eileen O’Sullivan became Eileen O’Connor, and the couple settled in Manchester to begin raising a family, you may count on the fact that all five of those children attended Catholic schools. Times were not always easy, but their faith was always steadfast, and no matter what, they found a way to serve and support Saint Anselm in numerous ways, including as faithful members of the long ago “Century Club.” With his fellow Saint Anselm alum, Frank O’Donnell, Jack opened The Lamplighter Restaurant at the corner of Rt. 114 and Donald Street. The restaurant was a favorite gathering place during Saint Anselm parent’s weekends and a regular stop for alumni making trips back to the hilltop. By the 1980’s the next generation of O’Connors was ready to join the Saint Anselm community and Jack and Eileen became the proud parents of three graduates, Patrick ’89, Michael ’92, and Brendan ’94. For six decades now Jack and Eileen have been regular visitors to the Hilltop for sports events, concerts, weddings and funerals, and this May, as the Good Lord keeps smiling upon them, they will come to campus to witness their oldest O’Connor grandchild, Maggie, graduate as a member of the Class of 2019. For their long and loyal love for and devotion to Jack’s alma mater, for their determination to offer their children not just a Catholic education, but a Benedictine one, and for the special touch of Irish luck that they have brought to hundreds of Hawk basketball games and other special moments on campus, the Alumni Association is proud to honor Jack and Eileen O’Connor on the 61st anniversary of Jack’s graduation, with its 2018 Parents Award.