Coming from Haiti, Sybille Legitimé did not visit Saint Anselm before enrolling as a first-year student, so when she pulled onto campus for the first time she was in awe of ivy-covered Alumni Hall and the beautiful campus that was to be her home for the next four years.

And a "home" it most certainly has become. The international business and computer science double major has made the most of her Anselmian experience.

To quench her thirst for knowledge of international affairs (and because she someday hopes to return home), Sybille originally chose to major in international business.

Academically curious and thoroughly industrious, she also explored other subjects that piqued her interest. During her sophomore year, she discovered a love for computing.

"I was looking into minoring in computer science but when I learned I could double major, I was so excited. I believe someone who has knowledge in both fields can really help spur sustainable development," she says.

Double majoring means she has a packed schedule but Sybille loves that she's getting so much out of her degree.

Plus, she says that her academics helped her land a software engineer internship at sports network giant ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut for the summer between her junior and senior years.

"I loved it," she says. "First I was in the front-end engineering team for seven weeks, maintaining different editions of as well as one of its editorial tools: either I was fixing a bug on the Venezuelan edition for, making an improvement for the tennis page of the U.S. edition, or redirecting online content for an ESPN special. I had tasks that spanned from minor to critical, and learned a lot in the process."

When Sybille isn't gaining career experience or balancing a rigorous academic schedule, she tutors French and Spanish at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and is a resident assistant in the dorms. She's also on the President's Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness and a consistent presence in the Multicultural Center.

She insists though, that one of the best things about Saint Anselm College is the opportunity to do service.

"My freshman year, I worked with the Meelia Center on a school-supply drive for an elementary school in Haiti. Because that's where I from, it was special for me. Over my four years, I've been able to visit the school in person to deepen and further the relationship."

"If you're really passionate about something, if you have motivation and you want to make a change, you will find people here to support you."