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Alphabetical List of Style Preferences - N

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In the first reference in running text, list a person's full name and title. Subsequent references should only include the person's last name or a person's title and last name if it is significant to the writing. Do not include Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms. on the second reference.

Dr. Bob Smith, chief of cardiac medicine, is the honorary chair of the hospital's capital campaign committee. Dr. Smith expects the campaign to last 18 months.

Her professor nominated Jane Smith ‘05 for a leadership award. Smith will accept the award on June 20, 2004.

Native American
Avoid using Indian

Inset in quotation marks after middle name or initial and before last name

Bob L. "Red" Smith

North, north
Cap when referring to geographic location, lowercase for compass direction

The South voted straight republican.
Nashua is about 20 minutes south of Manchester.

numbers (See also dates [link to 9.4.3.e Alphabetical List Of Style Preferences - D])
In running text, write out numbers one through nine and use figures for 10+; (except course numbers, course credits, and percentages). In even decimals, it is not necessary to include two zeros (correct: $55; incorrect: $55.00).

For amounts less than a dollar, write as figures and spell out cents

The candy bar is 50 cents.
The candy bar is $.50.

When referring to percentages in running text, always spell out "percent" (e.g., At the college, nearly 90 percent of students live on campus.)

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