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Alphabetical List of Style Preferences - T

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telephone numbers (see also numbers section)
List toll numbers with parenthesis and no dashes (e.g., (603) 641-7000). Since the college uses several local exchanges (e.g., 641, 656, and 222), list the local exchange with all numbers posted on the Web (e.g., 656-6184). Avoid listing x6184 or ext.6184 since people from off-campus may not be familiar with the college's area codes.

Toll-free numbers:
List with parenthesis and no dashes (e.g., 1(888) 4ANSELM). When space allows, also provide actual numbers next to text-based phone numbers.

temperature (see also numbers section)
86 degrees F or 30 degrees C (no period after the F or C within a sentence)
86°F or 30°C (no spaces)

that, which
That is defining. Which is nondefining or relative. Sometimes the two can be interchanged, but the clause containing which must be set off by commas

The game, which is scheduled for 4 p.m., has been cancelled.
The game that is scheduled for 4 p.m. has been cancelled.

that, who
Use who only when referring to people

theater, theatre
Use theater unless referring to a specific building that uses the alternate spelling (e.g., Koonze Theatre)

time (see also numbers section)

  • Use lowercase with periods (a.m., p.m.)
  • Remove ":00" for times at the top of the hour
  • Do not include midnight or noon in time references (e.g., 12 noon or 12 midnight)
  • Include time zones after times as required (e.g., 1:30 p.m. EST)

titles, academic/professional
Capitalize titles appearing before a persons name (e.g., Professor Bob Smith). Use lowercase when appearing alone or after a person's name (e.g., Bob Smith, professor of biology, plans to retire.).

Exceptions: In general references to a person's profession use lowercase titles.

The event will be hosted by biology professor Bob Smith. For more information contact Professor Smith by telephone.

toll-free number

trademark symbols
do not use "TM" and "®" in running text

trustee; trustees
Lowercase unless referring to the specific body (e.g., Board of Trustees).

Bob Smith, a trustee, will be at the event.
The Board of Trustees will consider the motion.


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