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Studies in Catholic Social Teaching

A portion of the Faculty Development Endowment is reserved for the support of programs devoted primarily to Catholic social teaching. The goal of this fund is to assist departments and faculty members to become knowledgeable about Catholic social teaching and other Catholic teaching, and to integrate this tradition into the curriculum of the departments.

The fund will support academic departments in developing summer seminars conducted by noted scholars in Catholic social teaching and related fields. It may also be used by individuals of interdisciplinary groups to support other activities designed to enrich the curriculum by developing an understanding of this tradition.

This endowment is intended to support a broad range of academic disciplines, including such subjects as: the intersection of Catholic theological tradition and the sciences or literature; Catholic social thought and its relation to economics and business; just war theory and international policy; and the theology of the human person and human rights policies.

Proposals should not exceed three pages in length and should include the following.

  • detailed description of the activity and/or subject of study
  • clear connection to curricular development
  • detailed budget and calendar
  • plan for disseminating and/or applying the results of the study on campus.

Available Funds
Varies yearly.

Apply To
Associate Dean of the College.

Apply By
As soon as proposal is prepared, but no later than March 21.

Formal Report
A summary of the outcome of the work to the Dean's Office one month after funded project is completed.

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