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Father Jonathan's Letter

Dear Members of the Saint Anselm College Community:

I write today to invite you to help shape the future of Saint Anselm College in one very important way. We are about to launch the online survey phase of our Campus Climate Assessment. We are taking this step in order to learn more about the environment on campus-to find out what it is like for all members of our community to live, study, and work at Saint Anselm College. Do all individuals at Saint Anselm College-regardless of race, ethnicity, gender orientation, belief, age, and status at the College, physical ability, or other differences-- enjoy the same level of understanding, respect, and support? Is our campus the inclusive environment that we intend it to be? We need to know your experience.

The first phase of the of our Climate Assessment project took place in February, when consultants from Diversity Associates conducted a series of focus groups and individual interviews that involved approximately 170 individuals. We are now ready for the second, more widespread, phase of the project: the electronic survey.

Tomorrow I will be sending you the link to the confidential online survey that will be accessible for two weeks (April 8-22). I request that you take part in this survey. It will require very little of your time, and it will yield information that only you can provide. The data we gather from this survey is crucial to our ongoing effort to know ourselves better. It is impossible to grow in a positive way until we know who we are, from the perspective of all of our members.

With regard to the process itself, Diversity Associates will process the survey off-site. It is entirely confidential. Participation is anonymous, and the consultants' report will present the data in the aggregate. The instrument itself will take no more than ten minutes to complete. The results of this survey, and of the focus groups process, will be made available on the College's Inclusiveness website, and the formal report will be presented to the College community in the fall. What we learn from this assessment effort will help us to plan for the future.

I ask you to participate in this survey. By doing so, you will help us to realize more fully the Benedictine hallmarks of hospitality and community. For further information, please contact me or Dr. Denise Askin, chair of the President's Advisory Council on Inclusiveness at

I am very grateful for your attention to this. I ask you to encourage your colleagues and students to participate and offer you my continued prayers for the successful conclusion of this Spring semester.

Father Jonathan, O.S.B.