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Vol. 1, No. 1, (fall 2003)

At the 2002 American Catholic Philosophical Association conference in Cincinnati, the Institute for Saint Anselm Studies hosted a satellite session. Organized and chaired by Fr. John Fortin, O.S.B., Director of the Institute, the session brought together Professor Katherin A. Rogers of the University of Delaware (a member of the institute's board of consultors) and Professor Kevin M. Staley of Saint Anselm College to debate the problematic of Saint Anselm's understanding of God's free will. The Saint Anselm Journal is pleased to present their papers here.

Anselm on God's Perfect Freedom (PDF/114KB)
by Katherin A. Rogers

God's Personal Freedom: A Response to Katherin Rogers (PDF/104KB)
by Kevin M. Staley

The following paper was first delivered at the Boston Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy on January 27, 2003. The Saint Anselm Journal is grateful to Prof. Sweeney (Boston College) for allowing us to publish her lecture here.

Anselm's Proslogion: The Desire for the Word (PDF /160KB)
by Eileen C. Sweeney

The second Saint Anselm Metaphysics Colloquium was held at Saint Anselm College on June 25 - 26, 2003. The colloquium is sponsored by the Institute for Saint Anselm Studies. The colloquium was inspired by Pope John Paul II who in his encyclical letter Fides et Ratio spoke of the need for continuing philosophical speculation in order to come to an understanding of the Catholic faith. The colloquium invites philosophers and theologians from the New England area to discuss and debate issues in metaphysics with a view to offering the ecclesiastical and scholarly worlds insights and principles upon which to ground their work. The principal speaker was Rev. Donald Keefe, S.J. Responses to his paper were given by Rev. Earl Muller, S.J., and Prof. Roger Duncan.

Creation as Existential Contingency (PDF/275KB)
by Donald J. Keefe, S.J.

Creation as Existential Contingency: A Response (PDF/149KB)
by Earl Muller, S.J.

A Philosophical Response to Donald Keefe's Creation as Existential Contingency (PDF/121KB)
by Roger Duncan

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