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Vol. 5, No. 1 (fall 2007)

Metaphysics Colloquium
Sponsored by the Institute for Saint Anselm Studies, the 2007 Metaphysics Colloquium was held at Saint Anselm College June 20-21. The Colloquium takes its inspiration from Pope John Paul II who in Fides et Ratio spoke of the need for continuing philosophical speculation to come to an understanding of the Catholic faith. The principal speaker at the 2007 Colloquium was Benjamin Hill of the University of Western Ontario. The respondents were Steven Baldner of Saint Francis Xavier, Nova Scotia, and David Banach of Saint Anselm College.

The fourth paper in this issue of the Saint Anselm Journal is an examination of "Gaunilo's Cogito Argument" by Miroslav Imbrisevic, who is currently pursuing doctoral studies in political philosophy at Heythrop College of the University of London.

Substantial Forms and the Rise of Modern Science (PDF/199KB)
by Benjamin Hill
Talbot College, University of Western Ontario

An Argument for Substantial Form (PDF/93KB)
by Steven Baldner
St. Francis Xavier University

What Killed Substantial Form? (PDF/124KB)
by David Banach
Saint Anselm College

Gaunilo's Cogito Argument (PDF/101KB)
by Miroslav Imbrisevic
Heythrop College, University of London


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