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Vol. 5, No. 2 (spring 2008)

ACPA Satellite Session
At the fall 2007 conference of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, the Institute for Saint Anselm Studies sponsored a satellite session organized and moderated by John R. Fortin, O.S.B. The title of the session was "Saint Anselm, Original Sin, and Human Free Will." Three papers were presented at the session, and The Saint Anselm Journal is pleased to present here two of those papers, one by Professor Katherin Rogers, and one by Professor W. Matthews Grant. We hope to publish the third presentation in a later volume of the journal.

Annual Saint Anselm Lecture

We are also pleased to publish the 2007 Saint Anselm Lecture, which Professor Siobhan Nash-Marshall gave at Saint Anselm College in April 2007.

Achard of Saint Victor

We are pleased to present Professor Pascal Massie's groundbreaking study of Achard of Saint Victor.

Anselm on Free Will and the (Possibly Fortunate) Fall (PDF/53KB)
by Katherin A. Rogers
University of Delaware

Anselm, God, and the Act of Sin: Interpretive Difficulties (PDF/87KB)
by W. Matthews Grant
University of St. Thomas

Free Will, Evil, and Saint Anselm (PDF/152KB)
by Siobhan Nash-Marshall
Manhattanville College

The Metaphysics of Primary Plurality in Achard of Saint Victor (PDF/116KB)
by Pascal Massie
Miami University

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