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Measuring the World’s Forests

Tina Cormier '01Tina Cormier wanted a challenging career with the potential to solve global problems. Working at Woods Hole Research Center (one of the world's most famous environmental science research institutes) fills the bill perfectly.

The environmental science graduate uses remote sensing and GIS (geographic information systems) to model tree species' responses to climate change. She also conducts meetings and workshops in the U.S. and South America, teaching people how to combine field measurements with satellite imagery in order to assess their forests and contribute to a global data set that helps scientists monitor changes in the environment. Her job blends several disciplines, including statistics, ecology, geography, computer science, and even Spanish language skills.

After earning an honors degree at Saint Anselm (where she helped Professor Barry Wicklow study the habitat use of the wood turtle), Cormier earned a master's degree in resources and worked at an environmental consulting firm in Nevada.

She recently started a consulting company, Black Osprey Geospatial. Continuing her relationship with Saint Anselm College and her former professor, she collaborates on a grant-funded study of the brook floater mussel with Barry Wicklow.

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