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Computer Science Major

The Department of Computer Science offers a major program of study in computer theory and applications. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for graduate studies or for work in industry. Students take courses which acquaint them with both software and hardware.

CS111 Computing I and lab, CS112 Computing II and lab, CS115 Discrete Math and recitation, CS213 Data Structures, CS220 Computer Architecture, and one course from CS270 Database Management, CS310 Advanced Algorithmic Analysis, CS311 Theory of Computation, or CS343 Programming Paradigms.

In addition students will select four more computer science courses, and either MA170 Calculus I or BU121 Business Statistics. All computer science electives must be numbered 210 or above.

To graduate students must have completed at least two computer science courses at the 300 level.

Students considering graduate school are strongly encouraged to take MA 180 Calculus II in addition to the above requirements.

Course Sequence - Classes of 2015 - 2017

Please refer to the College Catalogue and consult with your academic advisor for recommended course sequencing. Revised graduation requirements for each graduating class can be found in the Guide to the Core Curriculum.

Course Sequence - Class of 2018 and Beyond

Freshman Year
Conversatio I Conversatio II
Computer Science 111 Computer Science 112
Computer Science 115 English 105 - Freshman English
Language / Core requirement Language / Core requirement