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Communication Minor

Giving students the conceptual tools with which to evaluate and respond to diverse communication events and settings, this minor not only helps students in coping with events in everyday life, but it also prepares them for careers related to communication. The requirements are listed below.  This minor is open to all students, regardless of major.

Communication Minor (within the English Department)
(5 required courses)
·       EN 110 - Introduction to Human Communication
·       EN 115 - Introduction to Mediated Communication
·       EN 216 - Principles and Practices of Journalism
·       EN 221 - Public Speaking
·       One elective (300 or above) approved by the Coordinator of the Communication Program

Courses to fulfill the electives may include:

EN 325 Special Topics in Communication
            Communication and Gender
            Persuasive Strategies
            Media Law
EN 330 Political Communication
EN 355 Introduction to General Linguistics
EN 400 Independent Study
EN 481-482 Internship
FAH 360 History of Photography
FAS 376 Art and Design for the Web
FAS Special Topics: Illustration
FAS Special Topics: Mixed Media
FAS Special Topics: Typography
PH 320 Critical Thinking
PH 321 Formal Logic
PH 336 Aesthetics
PO 345 Public Administration
PO 354 Media and Politics
PY 315 Social Psychology
SO 330 Race and Ethnic Relations
SO 342 Social Stratification: Structures of Social Inequality
SO 344 Political Sociology
TH 372 Christian Social Ethics

Students must declare the minor prior to the pre-registration period for the fall of their senior year. Candidates must have an average G.P.A. of 2.00 in the required courses for successful completion of the minor.