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GR100 German Language/Culture

An intensive program of German language instruction at all levels, as well as full immersion into German culture, through summer programs at German universities. Saint Anselm course credit available upon completion of a written and oral exam at Saint Anselm.

  • Prerequisite: GR202.

GR101-102 Elementary German I - II

A careful study of the fundamentals of the German language. Conversation with native speakers and use of audio CDs are designed to reinforce classwork in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. This course involves three class meetings and one session of conversation weekly for two semesters.

GR201-202 Intermediate German I - II

A thorough review of grammar, exercises in composition, intensive readings and translations, and use of audio CDs. The second semester is a survey of historical, as well as current culture and civilization of German-speaking countries. This course requires three class meetings and one session of conversation with the native speaker each week, plus the use of supplemental tapes, slides and film.

  • Prerequisite: GR102 or equivalent

GR301-302 Advanced German I - II

Primary emphasis is placed on the development of written and spoken German through discussion and written treatment of contemporary German press articles and modern German fiction. Use of audio CDs and advanced grammar are included.

  • Prerequisite: GR202

GR320 Tales of the Brothers Grimm

In this course, students will read in German some of the best known and least known of the Grimm Brothers' tales. They will learn some of the ways Märchen can be analyzed, understood and retold, and see how some of the Märchen are treated in contemporary media. Grammar and vocabulary of the texts will be attended to, as needed.

GR321 Business German

While reviewing German grammar, this course considers the usages of German business and economic terminology, and language forms. Students will read, translate, and compose German business letters, read and analyze business news and advertisements in the German press, and experience interview situations. The course will also focus on the position of the Federal Republic of Germany in the European, American, and world economic community, and on career opportunities in German business.

  • Prerequisite: GR301

GR322 Contemporary German Storytellers

This course, conducted in German, seeks to help students realize three goals: to read a representative selection of the short prose literature of contemporary German-speaking authors, to analyze their various narrative techniques, and to become aware of the political and social concerns which they voice from their unique vantage point in Middle Europe. Works include
stories of Bichsel, Boell, Grass, Handke, Wolf, and others.

  • Prerequisite: GR301

GR323 Translating German Prose

This course, conducted in German and in English, introduces students to the science and the art of translating. Texts come from a variety of sources: history, philosophy, fine arts, biography, as well as from newspapers and web pages. Students will evolve strategies for dealing with difficult constructions and for using dictionaries effectively.

  • Prerequisite: GR301

GR324-325 Special Topics in German

Topics to be arranged.