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Minor in German

Four advanced German courses plus a course from another department, e.g., History, Politics, or Humanities (e.g., Germany-USA), complete the requirements for a minor in German.

The Modern Languages and Literatures Department awards a minor for advanced studies in French, German or Spanish to full-time, degree-candidate students not majoring in modern ­languages.

Minor Requirements

  1. Four courses in the chosen language beyond the intermediate level, one course of the four being a literature or culture and civilization course.*
  2. One course in a related field outside the Modern Languages and Literatures Department to be determined in consultation with the director of the minor and faculty of the Modern Languages and Literatures Department.
  3. At least three of the five courses must be taken at Saint Anselm College.*
  4. A minimum average of "C+" must be earned in the five courses for the minor. No course will be accepted in which a grade below "C" is assigned.
  5. A comprehensive examination administered by the department. Further information on the acceptance of advanced language courses taken in overseas programs may be obtained from the director of the minor.
* The Spanish minor stipulates the following: two of the four courses for the Spanish minor must be in literature or culture and civilization-one in Peninsular and one in Latin American. If two courses of a summer program are used toward the Spanish minor, one may count as a language course and one may count as a related non-language course outside the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.