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Computer Literacy Self-Assessment

A critical factor in online learning success is computer literacy.  Students should possess basic computer skills and be able to communicate effectively using various technology tools.  This Self-Assessment Guide is designed to help you determine if you will need additional technology training or practice to meet the computer literacy requirements of our blended program.

  1. I know how to turn on, shut down, and reboot my computer.
  2. I know how to use a mouse to drag and drop items.
  3. I know how to create folders to manage and organize my computer files.
  4. I know how to open multiple programs on my computer and move between them.
  5. I know how to create, edit, and save a Word/PPT document.
  6. I know how to format a Word/PPT document using font, alignment, bold/italic/underline, margins, etc.
  7. I know how to copy, cut, paste content in Word/PPT.
  8. I know how to insert images and tables in a Word/PPT document
  9. I know how to use spell checker in a Word/PPT document.
  10. I know how to connect to and surf the Internet.
  11. I know how to download, open, and save files from the Internet.
  12. I know how to search the Internet using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo.
  13. I know how to use email to send and receive messages.
  14. I know how to send and receive emails with attachments.
  15. I know how to use an online chat program such as Skype, MSN Messenger.
  • If you responded "yes" to all of these statements, you meet the basic computer literacy requirements for our blended program.
  • If you responded "no" to any of these statements, you will need to seek training on the required computer literacy skills. 
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