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Program Courses

To complete the RN to BSN program, you m ust complete 120-credits through transfer credits, challenge exams (CLEP), and Saint Anselm courses. A number of  required core-courses may transfer. Students must receive a "C" or higher in all transferred courses or the equivalent in challenge exams (CLEP). A minimum of 42 credits, 33 are nursing, must be taken at Saint Anselm College.

Core Requirements

Philosophy Elective (3 credits) - may transfer
Social Statistics - SO 212 (3 credits) - may transfer
Theology Elective (3 credits) - may transfer
Humanities (3 credits) - may transfer from any course in the humanities including language, literature, art (including music), philosophy, religion, and history
Ethics (3 credits) - must be taken at Saint Anselm College
Medical Ethics for RN/BSN Students (3 credits) - must be taken at Saint Anselm College

Major Requirements (may be taken in any order)

NURN 451 Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (4 credits)
NURN 452 Health Assessment (4 credits)
NURN 453 Pharmacology for the RN (4 credits)
NURN 454 Community Health (4 credits)
NURN 455 Evidence-Based Nursing Research (4 credits)
NURN 456 Nursing Informatics (4 credits)
NURN 457 Nursing Capstone Practicum (6 credits)
Elective (3 credits) NURN 360 Understanding Suffering or NURN 361 Holistic Nursing Practice

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